Random Thoughts #9

What kind of sorcery is this?

I was on Instagram earlier. I followed a few accounts that I probably will never look at and replied an outstanding comment. And then I clicked off because 

  1. I have better things to do
  2. I don’t really like Instagram
  3. Social media and me are like two friends that haven’t spoken in five years. I tweet but Twitter is the least social media-ish social media these days, clearly. 

    Anyway, I got an alert after to say that someone was on live video and to check it before…I don’t know before what, because the message was cut off. So I clicked on it, thinking that I’d just see the option to go live or whatever. I don’t even know the right nomenclature. Anyway, it took me into the video and I watched it on mute for three seconds, saw the comments,spotted my name as having joined the conversation or video, whatever, panicked and then I clicked out. LOL. It was so hilarious to me. 

    I was just wondering if anyone could see me but I don’t think it works that way. Either way, I had cheese flavoured crumbs all over my face and I wasn’t taking chances. I clicked out like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson and he was coming for my ear. Fast and emphatically.

    Part of it was confusion and part of it was that I doubt that this dude has anything exciting to say (exciting to me), I mean, I follow him but I don’t particularly want to hear whatever random shit is on his mind. If I did, I’d click on his stories and I don’t, so. Anyway. That was an interesting experience. Relearning how to use social media is a struggle that I’m too lazy for tbh but in the meantime, welcome to my journey. 

    It will probably be a short one. 


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