quirks – #AtoZChallenge

I’m so behind! I think people are on S, or T and anyway, whatever. I’m fashionably late, okay.

Today’s word is quirks

1. I only drink hot water. Yes. Hot water. Occasionally I do drink cold water but only if it was piping hot first. I really don’t like cold water. It’s just. Tasteless. I mean, so is hot water, but it’s soothing at least. Yeah, I’m weird, I know. 
2. I hate touching things that are wet. I’m not even going to go into this one. I just cannot stand it. 

3. I kiss my teeth. A lot. I have no idea why. 

4. If I like something, it must be purchased in purple. Always. Purple phone case, purple tablet case. I’m planning to buy purple jeans and a hoodie. I’ve had purple braids. I may need an intervention. 

5. My handwritten S looks like a J. Seriously. Usually when I’m writing fast it just looks like a weird slanted line. It’s ridiculous. 

6. I occasionally eat ice cream or yogurt with a fork. Usually due to laziness, but apparently that’s weird. 

…And that’s it for now. On to R!


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