zebra crossings – #AtoZChallenge

I cannot stand zebra crossings anymore. When I was a kid, it was fun because of the black and white lines but these days? It’s a battle between dodging the idiot who’s decided to cross diagonally (why not just stand directly across from the direction you’re going in?!) and cuts across you rudely and the cars who refuse to wait for you to reach the other side before zooming past you. 

And that’s if the cars even stop. You have to wait their miserably until someone takes pity on you and even then, there’s this urge to make it across as quickly as possible just in case they change their mind.

Next, you have to contend with cyclist speeding past you while you’re trying to cross.

It’s a nightmare.

I have turned to avoiding them entirely. Sometimes I cross directly next to the crossing but rarely on it because there’s no point if it’s not even safe anymore. I’d rather leg it across the street.


I have clearly run out of ideas, but there you have it. The A to Z Challenge is done! Many thanks to anyone reading – it’s much appreciated!



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