Random Thoughts #12

First of all, I updated the WordPress app and the image multi picker is gone. RUDE. I had only just figured out how to use it properly.

Secondly, this is another installment of ‘Snark Navigates Her Way Through Social Media’ because I had five days off work and had time to waste.

Twitter is still cool for me. There are some strange things like stupid ads but for the most part, I can use it without wanting to bash my head against the wall.

Back to Instagram and I watched a live video a few days ago. It was by this writer who was sharing her tips and taking questions. The thing is that, I have no idea who she is. She seems like a pleasant person but I can barely make it through a conversation with family members, let alone a one sided live-stream. I still don’t get it. It’s like being forced to watch one of those YouTube videos in real time. Some people need some polishing and a lot of editing.

Most of my attention was taken by this one person I follow who is…Weird. I follow him because he’s not hard on the eyes but 99% of everything he posts pings my ridiculousness meter so badly. I had to take a break from his stories because it was so tragic. I don’t understand how he even goes through life like a normal person. There’s always someone on hand to take his pictures, and it’s always perfect. Just picturing it is difficult. I can’t imagine having to follow someone who requests their picture so often. How does it work? You’re walking and you decide to take a picture, or you go walking with the intention of taking a picture? Or you just document everything just in case?

Don’t get me started on the captions.

Anyway, pictures aside, his stories are strange. In one, he was at this museum type thing and instead of just taking everything in, there was a long, long, long story on it. I mean, thanks and all, but I hope he’s getting paid to promote it. I’ll be damned if I video myself in some place for that long for free.

Unless I’m a rampant narcissist that is. šŸ˜›

So far, my impression of Instagram hasn’t changed. I still don’t get it.

It’s basically selfie, food picture, cats, cats, random dog, cats, staged photo, cats, cats.

More cats.

Anyway, yeah…This is why I prefer WordPress. We use our words here. I like words.



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