Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…

Who am I kidding? 

That’s a cute kitty but there was nothing cute about this. 

It was a fucked up nightmare and a bizarre dream. 

Let me start from the beginning. You know how I am casually reacquainting myself with Instagram, and that there’s one user in particular who seems to have caught my attention. We’ll call this person… Bob. Anyway, Bob popped up in my dream. 

Act One was [redacted]. 

Yeah, it was that bad. 

Act Two was even stranger. There was a wedding (I wrote a post about weddings), I was at work (I just went back to work) and Bob was in it. There was a lot of weirdness that I won’t even go into. 

At that point, I knew I was in too deep. The only option was to avoid Instagram, right?

Wrong, I went even further. In my defense, I was sleepy and high on sugar but you know, it happened and Bob is always happy to provide material. 

Somehow Bob evaded my dream but the dream I had was even more fucked up. Basically, there was this guy who wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept begging me to give him the time of day and I was not feeling it at all. Each time he got more aggressive until the last time when his mother showed up to ask me what was wrong with her darling son. 

What. The. Fuck. 

I would have taken a weird Bob dream over that garish nightmare. 

I’m going to look at pictures of flowers and bunnies before I sleep tonight. 

What could go wrong?


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