5 Unexpected Life Lessons

Well, they’re not unexpected but it made for a catchier title. Sorry*.

1. Apologies don’t really mean much. 
(*I wasn’t sorry.)

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I have warped views on apologies. I’m sensitive in certain situations and I know that what I feel is wrong might be okay to someone else. That’s because they’re an idiot and I’m civilised, but whatever, I’m not sweating on that.  That being said, people forcing me to apologize or forcing someone to apologize doesn’t sit right with me. It’s false and doesn’t hold much weight. I learnt this when I realised that someone’s apology meant little to me because of how they reacted after the incident. An apology should be a formality and not a battle. A simple acceptance that wrong has been committed and not I’m sorry that you felt way. Approximately one year ago, my good friend said something that I’ll probably never truly forgive her for. I’m over it, but for myself. I used to think that I caused the situation but meh. I didn’t. 

Anyway, we’ve barely spoken since. Now, if I’d offended someone and I was genuinely sorry, I would reach out to them to make sure that they knew that I was genuinely sorry and also try to put things on the right part. They haven’t done that. In fact, it’s been crickets. So, basically, their apology was bullshit. If for whatever reason, they’re upset with me, they can fuck off.

I’m not sorry for saying that either.

2. You are your own best friend

I don’t have the best luck in the friend department. Seriously, I have the worst luck. I always befriend people as crazy as I am. We’re like oil and oil and eventually we just roll right off each other. In a world where nothing is certain, I’ve had to come to terms with my number one girl – me. I watch TV shows by myself, I have my own interests, I amuse myself. I write for myself. I blog for myself. I buy things for myself and I do what I need to do for myself. I don’t need anyone else.
Well, a rich spouse would be good, but maybe in a year or two.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out who I am. And why I’m such a weirdo.

3. Life is a box of chocolates

It is. I mean, it’s the same flavours but you never eat them in the same order. We have our routines but there are minor differences and that’s okay. Change isn’t bad, but limited change is better. Baby steps.

Or something. See number 2.

4. Boredom is our worst enemy

Seriously. Do you ever read the news and think this wouldn’t happen if these people had something to do. Boredom is the root of all evil along with money. I would argue that money doesn’t solve boredom. Take my Instagram research subject who posted about a trip to the dentist like anyone is supposed to give a fuck. My reaction was just….

But whatever, he’s nice to look at. I forgive him. He just needs a hobby that isn’t filming himself. He should take up knitting, or marbles. Maybe chess. Ooh, I want to learn how to play chess. Anyway.

5. Writing is hard
I present this convoluted blog post as evidence. I’m still working on not working on my book. I don’t know what to write about. Myself? My weirdness? Toasters? I dunno.


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