Sweet in an incredibly cheesy way

Is anybody there? It’s been quiet over the past few days to a hand related health issue and also life. Anyway, I’m back! I’ve missed blogging. Journalling is fun but I’m far more reasonable when I’m putting pen on paper. That’s no fun!

So, you know how I was like, ‘So long, Bob!’ in this post? 

Well, he Freddy Kruegered me in my dreams.


I’m pretty sure it was peach related. Bob has ruined peaches for me. I would give you the back story but I don’t want him to invade my daydreaming. I ain’t ready to sleep yet. Nor do I want to disturb you. I’m probably doing that already. 


It was an odd dream. I told my friend about it but she wisely ignored me, so I’m going to tell you guys about it instead. 

Before I do that, I would like to report that I’m Instagram free. I know, I never thought that this moment would come. I’m sure I’ll be back, but there’s no misguided obligation to see what mundane shit Bob is up to. 

F**k Bob. 

Well, okay, not really because he didn’t do anything and he seems sweet, just in an incredibly cheesy kind of way, but anyway, onto the dream. 

It took place near where I live. That’s red flag number one. Dreams that are close to home are always messed up. Always.

Here’s my write up (edited for clarity and because there’s some things y’all don’t need to know about me, LOL).

So, I guess I was walking on a street near where I live and somehow I bumped into Bob. I think he was with someone but that person didn’t say anything.  We got talking or he asked me something and we were talking for a bit. He was basically one of those people that never shuts up, lol. I remember talking about nonsense until two of my old friends showed up (I haven’t seen them in years) and joined the conversation. Next,  a door opened and this guy from work appeared and I was asking him about fixing a wall. My wall? Someone’s wall? I have no idea. 

He said he’d help and went to get tools. While he was gone, I’m talking about the wall with someone else and Bob cuts in and he said ‘what’s this about a wall?’ and something else about a hole and I was like, ‘No, it’s a broken wall outside’. I think he got talking about broken walls with his friend.

All. He. Did. Was. Talk. 


A short distance away, I was saying something to my friend about who he was and he interrupted and said, ‘You think I’m hot?’ 

…and I said, ‘No! I just know who you are’ but I don’t think I was convincing. Anyway the guy from work re-emerged and he left with Bob and his friend to go fix this wall. 

Later, I was telling my friend about my Bob fixation or whatever, and I jokingly said, ‘I’ve basically been stalking him for like a week’ (obviously I haven’t, but dream world lol). Out of nowhere, MY DAD CHIMES IN WITH, ‘Oh, you’ve been stalking this guy, eh?’ 

I was just wondering where the fuck he came from. He just seemed very amused. In the end I scuttled away because he kept listening to the conversation and it was disturbing. 

Now I have to look up what dreams about walls mean. Forget Bob, why was there a wall at all. A broken wall that I couldn’t fix myself. 

To dream about a hole in a wall indicates that you are breaking through obstacles and overcoming your limitations.

I am? Lol, well, hopefully this kicks in soon. As for Bob, he’s still in my metaphorical web-based naughty corner. I am still convinced that I dreamt of him because of peaches. I have to stay away from any mentions of peaches. 

What is life?


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