Not My Portion

When I say not my portion I mean, this terrible thing will not happen to me! 

A few weeks ago my mood hit rock bottom. I can’t explain it, so I’ll spare you the details but I wasn’t interested in doing anything, and movies and TV shows were out of the question. 

Obviously, I turned to True Crime. 

The show in question was It Takes A Killer. Twenty minutes long. Sufficiently disturbing. It was perfect for my mood, right? Not really. I swear I was seeing potentially suspect people everywhere for that week. People are messed up. I have no idea why I kept clicking onto the next episode. 

True Crime shows are so addictive in a really messed up kind of way. One thing I always frown at is that they go into detail… aren’t they worried about other people using their shows as a How To Manual?? 

Anyway, be safe, people. Always keep your guard up. 

This is a response to the June 1st Daily Prompt – Portion