Random Thoughts #16

I’m going to bullet point this shit.

  • I need to swear less. I’ll start tomorrow. 
  • Bob, of my Instagram experiment, was the least annoying person when I flicked through it briefly
  • Seriously, Bob was the least annoying person
  • Bob, who I mocked for a month. 
  • Bob! His outfit was really strange in the last picture I saw. 
  • Anyway, yeah, Bob aside, there were drink pictures, fucking Supernatural pictures (I’m not sure why I don’t unfollow this person!), wedding pictures, other pictures etc. It made me feel bad about myself. I have no idea why?
  • This is why I no longer go on Instagram. 
  • Feeling listless and bored again. 
  • I posted 27 times on my other blog last month. That’s crazy. I need to shut up.
  • My long time friend unfollowed me at some point. She was like my day one snarkling, so that was sad. Guess I’m not interesting enough. 
  • Signed up to a bunch of online courses. 
  • My hands and arms are fucked up. I should probably take a blogging break for this reason but I can’t. I need at least one stable thing in life right now. 
  • Yeah.
  • The world is fucked up. 

That’s every single random thought I’ve had in the past few minutes. 


I’m weak so I just caved and watched Bob’s story. It was…Well, I had the volume low so I can’t make out what he was saying. He’s in Malibu filming himself instead of enjoying the view? The outfit looked better in the video. Also I like his sunglasses. That’s about it. I was only mildly embarrassed. Bob is still cancelled, because I haven’t forgiven him for whatever it is that he did. Or that I did to myself. Whatever. 

I know. I’m weird. 

  • Now I feel sad.
  • Also, I couldn’t find my freaking I heart moustache vest that I sleep in and I am just going to sleep in what I have on. Adulthood, I have conquered you. 
  • About to eat cake at 5am 
  • Just got an alert to finish an abandoned story 
  • I miss writing.

More later, alligators! 

  • More is now
  • So wasted a good four hours replying to blog comments. 
  • Got annoyed, closed comments
  • Made a new blog, deleted it because I was like, fuck it, it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to!
  • I have decided to limit myself to one blog post per day on either blog. Making this today’s post. 

And now I’m done for the day! 


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