Reading is hard | Random Thoughts #17

This counts as Random Thoughts! But I’m going to leave Bob (my Instagram observee) out of this one. Even though he’s always taking pictures of books like that means he’s reading them. Bob, c’mon. At least get your highlighter out and… wait, he did that too. Oh, Bob. 

So, yeah, reading. Reading. I love reading. I read a lot. Blogs, the news, the news and…The news. I miss reading books. Ive read a lot of fanfiction but it’s not the same really. I miss novels. Proper novels. 
The last novel length book I finished was called Alex. Or something like that, it’s part of a hockey series and I only read it because it seemed like it would be a quick and easy read and it was, I just have the attention span of the ant. 

In the age of social media, push notifications and what not, it’s hard just to sit down and do something. I had this figured out a while ago before I finally upgraded my phone, but I’ve been sucked in again. I’m on Twitter, WordPress (just realised that I post so much these days because I finally have a phone that can hold charge!) and a many other sites. I’m playing games. I’m surfing the web. And then I’m tired. It’s time to sleep. It’s time to eat. It’s time to do something else. 

Of course, this time last year, I’d somehow managed to struggle my way through complicated research paper and write an entire project report in about a week (how I got a good grade, I’ll never know, talk about last minute!) as well as do that all over again for a dissertation. That kind of reading I can do. 

There’s something about getting into a story that I find difficult. I think it’s the quality of the novels I’m reading. I need to read better books. On the other hand, I read these trashy books because they don’t require much brain power. 

I need to step my game up. 

Challenge myself to make it through one book. 

I’m a warrior, and it’s time to…You know what, I’m a reader and it’s time to read. Let’s keep it sensible. 

The book of choice is Born A Crime by Trevor Noah (who is so adorable to me. I love him). I will give myself until the end of June to read it. No pressure. I can do this!

Wish me luck!


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