Are You Happy? | Random Thoughts #18

I’m going with titles now for Random Thoughts just to keep things interesting

  • Someone I know in real life and see almost every day demanded to know my Instagram and I did EVERYTHING in my power to resist but it was getting awkward.
  • Just to clarify, my weirdness will now be exposed to someone I know in real life. Although, I think they have their suspicions. 
  • Anyway, while I was adding them, I checked Bob out and he is honing his craft. He does this by practising in front of an empty room, which is okay, I guess, but there’s only so many times I can see this and find it interesting. After that he’d either added some kind of filter to himself and I thought it was adorable. 
  • What is wrong with me?

Anyway, I haven’t done any writing this week.

  • I’ve been reading some of my old stuff and it’s interesting. 
  • I can’t work out if I was a better writer then than I am now. 
  • Does anyone else have that feeling? You read back what you wrote and it’s good but you can’t remember what you felt like in the moment that you wrote it. 

Remember when Random Thoughts was me posting an actual random thought that cracked me up. Well, here’s one. 

You know you’re not happy when your response to ‘are you happy?’ is ‘fuck off’. 

It was one of those dumb pop ups you get from certain apps, but still, the thought was amusing. 

Blogging is a thing that I do

  • Sometimes, I want to quit
  • Delete and never come back to it
  • Why?
  • It’s a distraction. Both good and bad. Right now the pendulum is at bad
  • I worked hard to get myself from a place of emotional overinvestment to one of rationality and I won’t let anyone take me back. 
  • Vague, but you get it. I hope. 


    • Voted today. 

    • Fucking nervous about it but you know what, life goes on. 
    • I was feeling rather mellow after that and somehow Bob came to mind. I have no idea why. Anyway, I checked out his story on Instagram. He has a new profile picture. Meh. Old one was better. His story was cute, though. Seriously. Adorable and cute. 
    • I feel like I’m in the middle of a vicious cycle. 
    • WAIT – Bob did post a picture of an egg which made me roll my eyes. White people eat their eggs weird. Or well, anyone who eats their eggs like this:

    • I don’t get it. My idea of fried egg is more like scrambled. Cultural difference.
    • I have no idea why Bob decided to share his picture with us
    • He also shared his friend with us. His friend is cute. They’re both cute.
    • I need to shut up. 

      Moving on…

      • My hair looks cute today. I look about twelve years old. I don’t mind. I’m not getting any younger, SOBS. 
      • I still have an issue with my hand. I shouldn’t be blogging with it right now but I am anyway. I will explain more later. 
      • I am my own worst enemy

      Anyway, to answer the question, no I’m not happy, but is anybody? Truly? Is happiness a state of mind or an illusion? 

      There you go. 


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