someday you will be loved | Random Thoughts #21

Greetings all, it’s that time.

I tend to write these over a period of days. However, #20 was hijacked by Bob. We’ll continue file it under research. Ahem. Maybe I can turn it into a short story series? Haha. Hahaha. Ha. I’m also not going to post it yet so… I’M OUT OF ORDER! –Pacino voice–


  • I follow this candle making person on Instagram and I like her posts when I see them. She then likes one of mine.
  • Eventually, she’s going to run out of posts because I have about…23 posts. Your girl doesn’t really post. I really want to like about fifty of hers and see what she does. LOL.


  • … is doing my head in.
  • Can’t we all just get along?


  • Death Cab For Cutie, y’all
  • This song used to be my jam.
  • It’s been nice finding my old iPod and listening to songs
  • Until I got to the 30 Seconds To Mars section and I was like, ugh. I like the songs but…. ugh.

Perceptions of me:

  • How can you possibly know what was going on in my mind when I don’t know?
  • Especially during that time period
  • I was spaced out, not focused and did I mention spaced out
  • You can’t rebel when you’re so tired that moving hurts
  • You can’t tell me what I was thinking because I wasn’t thinking

We’ve got that you text back, no you text back kinda love

  • I gave some people my number this week but not my WhatsApp.
  • Eventually, I will, but right now I am shit at responding to any messages so I figure why put myself into that situation?
  • Anyway, you know how you get those people who never text back? I’ve come up with a solution. Just take my time to text back.
  • If I look up and you didn’t reply to my previous message, I’ll assume that your time is too precious for you to expect an immediate response
  • It’s funny how the people who desperately want to keep in touch are so bad at it.
  • I’m a we had a good run but bye for now kinda girl. I’ve been burned too many times
  • People who want to be your friend in name only
  • People who say I’m in their top 12 friends (oh, really? You must barely talk to 1-11 either!)
  • Just people, really.


  • Motivational quotes have the opposite effect on me
  • Hyperbolic bullshit is what they are

  • Go for what? The last donut. I can be that girl. Always.

Too Many Ideas

  • I worry about annoying the people that follow me so I shelve posts and never post them
  • Why do I care what other people think?
  • I shouldn’t so, screw that.
  • The whole point of this blog to is to keep my annoying ways in once place.
  • Often I have too many ideas and that leads to procrastination and other stuff
  • I have no idea what I’m talking about

LOL, goodnight, people!


5 thoughts on “someday you will be loved | Random Thoughts #21

    • That’s true! But I’ll just not look at my inbox until I need to send something to whoever. And then I take the time to reply. My case might be different because I need to be in the mood to reply to certain things.

      I think what helps me is learning other people’s patterns. If they reply quickly and regularly, that’s fine. If they don’t, it’s a matter of accepting it and not rushing to respond if I have something else to do. And in a world where we have instant wall-to-wall messages, it’s nice to have a breather sometimes so you can actually think about what you’re saying.

      Liked by 1 person

      • True. True. Knowing their patterns. There was once a time I rushed to reply certain people but after I just realized… This same people never text back as fast… And I know they’re online, so I just do what I’m doing, make sure I’m done and relaxed before I answer, though it isn’t so easy for me.

        Still working on it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup, same here. You will get there eventually!

        Part of what worked for me is that my phone was bust for a good year. So I’d only get/reply messages when it was on, and it’s interesting to see who keeps up with you when you’re off the grid. But at the same time, not having instant access at all times was a blessing in disguise.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Way to know if they actually were your friends huh?

        That’ll be something, though I hope my phone never have to get bad for me to realize the ones that gave an eff about me😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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