expiry dates are just a guideline | Random Thoughts #25

Hello, guys! 

I feel human right now. I, who feels inhuman 99.9% of the time, feel human. The reason? My Vitamin B complex. It’s expired now but I took it anyway because I was yawning at fucking four pm and I got annoyed. It made me feel a loser, so I was like, eff yeah, I’m going to take a vitamin! In your face fatigue! It didn’t do me any harm, so I think they’re okay to take for now at least. 

Today was okay, though, I mostly chilled and listened to some music. I got some lipsticks and eyeshadow in the mail today, and a Vitamin E face mask. Expect a new me on Monday. LOL. 

I also accidentally ended up watching Bob’s thing on Instagram. I promise you it was an accident. My Canadian husbands Billy Talent had a story up and I was watching it and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop stories from automatically playing one after the other. Is there a way to do that? I think they’re usually in alphabetical order because Bob usually comes up first, but maybe that’s not the case because Bob’s name begins with A (I know, game changer) and it went straight into his story. Anyway, it was more of the same vapid nonsense. 

Him and Mrs Bob (his gf, I guess, idk who she is lol but this is what I’m calling her) are in some kind of field, potentially picnicking and… That’s it. Neither of them even said anything. I was just wondering what the point was. It was weird. Enjoy your weekend, Barbie and Ken! We already know what you look like, don’t worry, we won’t forget if you keep the camera away from yourselves for one day. I promise.

Anyway, what else? I finished an original story. WHEEEEEEE. I shall post it here soon. πŸ™‚

My friend also challenged me to write a story under 5000 words because I am incapable of keeping things short (short stories aside, lol). I’m at 4200 now and nowhere near finished. Watch me cut out the excess like an editor of a B movie leaving the parts of the movie that make sense on the cutting room floor. 

Also, people always think that I’m a guy on here. Is this because my picture was of a guy before, do I sound like a guy? Do I swear too much? Answers on a post card, please. LOL. 

That’s all for now folks. More randomness soon. πŸ’œ


7 thoughts on “expiry dates are just a guideline | Random Thoughts #25

  1. You never give any thing off to show your female… Like I got some make up at the mall, these heels are nice on me… E.t.c, e.t.c Your former picture led me to think you were a guy, and the posts I read after (until I asked if you were a male) didn’t have any thing to show you were a lady. You know most times it was movie reviews…

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    • Interesting. I’ve definitely blogged about make up before (on both blogs!) but I imagine that if people are recent followers they’re not likely to go that far back. Basically, I need a better bio πŸ˜‚

      Lol, I get the confusion from the picture. It’s funny how it never occurred to me that people would think that was me. You live and you learn! 😁

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      • Lol! I’m known for juggling a million things at once. One day I will learn to stop doing it.

        I made hiptobesnark when I realised that I didn’t really want to blog about Supernatural anymore. However, I also didn’t want personal stuff mixed in with the movie reviews and political posts etc, so this blog is about me, and the other blog is about other people. 😝 It’s hard to keep up with both of them at times but I’m not that popular so it’s alright. πŸ˜‚


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