I’m happy that you haven’t accidentally killed your cat| Random Thoughts #24

You know how sometimes you know something is bad for you but you do it anyway? That’s me with Instagram. Like I’ve said many times, my Insta is dead. Some old grandpa followed and unfollowed me. That’s how dead it is. 
I was flicking through it today and I had an interesting thought. 

This is making me feel bad 

It’s not even that people don’t like my pictures or anything like that, it’s just weird. People I used to speak to more or less ignore me when I try to be nice. By people I mean two of them, but whatever. What the fuck is this? High school? Imma unfollow them later. I’m petty like that.

Anyway, it kind of feels like I’m in the middle of the desert screaming at people. Snark doesn’t work well on Instagram, it really doesn’t. At least not my snark. I’m just writing witty comments for the sake of it. 

I kind of hate it all. 

There’s Bob and his picture perfect life but that’s just funny to me because of the random nonsense on his stories. Perfect pictures and complete and utter secondhand embarrassment in the stories. It’s like constant entertainment when I have time to watch it. I haven’t for about a week now due to some drama and a crazy week but I think that’s for the best. He was the reason I rejoined in the first place. Yes, it’s true. I wanted to like his pictures or comment with, “Dude, what are you doing?” and I have the app on my phone anyway, so I was like, ‘why not?’

I was laughing at peach yogurt yesterday, guys. It was sad. That’s also why not. 

Anyway, I don’t have a problem with Bob really, or any celebrities and whatever they choose to post. I expect fake bullshit from them. 
So I guess it’s normal people who irk me the most. 

There’s no real effort to communicate on there, or too educate or inspire or even entertain. It’s just me me me me food food me me me me ooh, click on heart! 

Nah, son, it’s cool. I’m not a robot. You’re not that interesting. Literally. I know what you look like already. I’m happy that you eat food. I’m happy that you haven’t accidentally killed your cat. I’m even happier that you’re so fucking happy. 

I’ve found that looking at tags is the best way to use Instagram but only when I’m bored or so. I have a ton of drafts saved that I’ll drag out over the course of year, but other than that, I am still not feeling it.

I was on Facebook recently to reply a comment and honestly, my presence on Facebook is like when you step into a room and it goes silent and you vow never to do it again. That’s me. I sign on and immediately regret it. 

I learnt a long time ago and that I’m not the kind of person who can deal with certain types social media in a healthy way, so I avoid it.

However, sometimes it’s hard when you feel like you’re disconnected from the world. 

Although, it kind of feels like that on social media anyway. 

I don’t know who these shiny, pretty, filtered people are. Not really. They’re snapshots of falsehood and who has time for that? 

Not me! 

I’m gonna go back to definitely not mocking Bob for snark purposes (his captions make my head hurt) and just ignore everyone else. 

ETA: Bob ended up being cancelled this week. I wasn’t really sure why until I wrote this gem in my journal:

I think the world needs their weekly shirtless Bob update to make them feel bad about their chubby selves. 


Why so glum, chum? Lol, I’m not sure what Bob did to me. Poor Bob. He had a live thing going yesterday and I was tempted to click on it but live video is another thing that creeps me out. I’m not even going to go into it. 

Anyway, that’s all on this topic. 

Every time I have time off I find myself messing around on social media but honestly, I’m gonna try and waste my time on other things. I’m too lazy to take and post perfect selfies. Especially on my days off when I look like Cousin Itt with a purple bandana on. 



2 thoughts on “I’m happy that you haven’t accidentally killed your cat| Random Thoughts #24

  1. I think I have Instagram, can’t say for sure because I do not know how to use it. I have twitter but I do not tweet. Snapchat is another one. Lulu refuses to teach me so I am sol.
    FB is a stone cold bitch but I can’t quit her. Not sure why but Heath Ledger just jumped into my brain. Then there is my beloved WordPress aka bloglandia. I am quite happy here. Not even sure why but not gonna question it. P.S. Bob sounds like a douche. Sorry Bob!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Insta isn’t too bad. I was very confused when I rejoined it but after a few days, you get used to it. Snapchat is a time killer if anything. You post a picture and it disappears once people have clicked on it. Or you can send a picture or video to your story and that vanishes after 24 hours. Unless someone saves it. The amount of nonsense posted on all of these platforms, though. I judge myself terribly when I find myself on them. 😂

      Facebook is okay if you care about the people you’re friends with (aren’t I nice!), but it’s changed too much. Too many ads and new features. I miss old school FB.

      I use Twitter more regularly than anything. I like it because it’s more word based than the others.

      Yes, WordPress is pretty cool. It’s funny because I’ve been on here for years, but I have never really used it past posting until the past year or so. It’s nice to get out of my own head and hang out with everyone!

      Bob… he seems like a really sweet guy, he’s just… Exactly the kind of person I seek to avoid in life. 😂😂 I guess I shouldn’t judge based on snippets on Instagram but… yeah…At least he’s pretty?

      Liked by 1 person

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