an injection of fun ^_^ | Random Thoughts #29.5

Originally this wasn’t Random Thoughts, until it ended up being very random. So it’s #29.5 because I have already started writing #30. 

Yeah, I don’t get it either. 

I sit down to write posts and sad words always come out. At least my other blog lives up to its snarky name, this one? No. Originally, I created this blog because I was posting too much random shit on my main blog. I have around about the same followers on both now (let’s just say that I’m really not that popular), so at this point, I’m chatting rubbish to an equal amount of people. That’s okay. 

What this place needs is an injection of fun. I can do fun. I find random shit funny all the time. I’m always laughing. I’m hilarious. Alright, scratch the last one, I’ll leave the arrogance to the blowhards.  Anyway, how can I make this blog fun. 

Let’s see. 

There’s a random Happy Endings quote. That’s fun, right? 

What else…

Another one. Still fun!

I still miss Happy Endings. That show was there for me through some hard times. 

Man, what else? Maybe we should leave the fun for supernaturalsnark? I wanted to write a post about Usher and his nasty herpes transmitting ass. Not judging anyone with herpes, but I’ll judge you for getting busy without letting people know. That’s plain nasty. Usher ain’t worth more words than that. I have to delete his song ‘Dive’ from my phone. I can’t. I just can’t. 

Just thinking about it has me like this:

Enough about STDs and back to the fun. 

I need this t-shirt. And maybe one of these. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have told me that I look angry and my reaction is actually I feel great today! I think the problem is that I daydream A LOT. It’s a bad habit of mine. I get so lost in thought that my face just gets all screwed up and I look angry. My real angry face is funny as fuck. It’s like a scrunched up turnip. 

Puns are always fun! 

YES. This is so me. I’m partial to the odd f-bomb or twenty, but they just spill out at work. I need to work on reforming myself. When I was a kid I never used to swear. I find that it comes as you get older and realise what a steaming pile of shit life really is. Even in writing, I find myself swearing like a bad habit. Usually I catch myself doing it and take out the really unnecessary ones, but it’s kind of funny to ctrl+f fucking.

Anyway, I hope there was at least ONE amusing thing in this post! šŸ˜‰


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