this is me sending the batsignal | Random Thoughts #33

× I think I’m spending too much time on here. I can’t even say what it is I do on here because I feel like I barely read people’s posts, but in terms of operating my two blogs, I don’t think I’m using my time wisely. I know that a while ago I said I’d limit myself to a post a day, but apparently that flew out of the window.

× I was supposed to quit Bob (should I be worried that he’s now something I need to quit?) but that ship stopped for a while before it sailed. 

× I was supposed to do a lot of things and I seem to always end up doing none of them. It’s a running joke. Snark says she’ll do something and she never does and LOL typical. It isn’t really funny anymore. 

Can a girl get some productivity up in here, please? 

This is me sending the bat signal. 


Anyway, that’s not going to come today. 

× Here are your Bobservations for Monday. 

Hahahaha, Bobservations! That’s actually jokes. That’s a good one. It’s funny. It might be good to just create a little heading and section off that part of Random Thoughts so all of you sane people can skip my nonsense? Okay, maybe not. Who has time, right?

1. Whiplash. I think he was going for a panoramic view of wherever but it was just shaky. Sorry, Bob. 

2. Bob, it’s too dark to see you WHY DO YOU ALWAYS CUT BACK TO YOURSELF, AND WHY IS IT SO DARK? 

3. Some mentions of Sam Shepard, who I didn’t know of, but I heard that he died. RIP.

4. I don’t think Bob and I could be friends. He’s bowling and Instagramming it. Just bowl, dammit. 

5. Graffiti on the walls. Where exactly is this bowling game taking place? Anyway, I guess the graffiti is cool if you’re into that kind of thing. 

6. I can’t with this guy. 

7. The next morning, Bob is walking… there are trees, apartments, Bob’s face, trees, apartments, Bob’s face. And silence. This is so weird. Oh, and then there’s a smile. It’s a nice smile. Well, okay, fine. I won’t snark on him too hard. Scratch that, what is the point, Bob? Were you so overcome by life that you had to show us what walking down the street is like? Nil pois for you, my friend. 

8. His sunglasses are nice. They’re always nice. 

9. His hair is pretty. 

10. When did my observations turn superficial. Anyway, the most recent videos are all really short. He’s at some kind of gym, I guess.

11. Now he’s at some kind of event place that I won’t mention just in case. 

12. You know the cruelest prank someone could play on me is to pretend to be Bob and comment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fearless and fierce but actually I’m not and I’d feel bad if he ever saw anything I wrote LOL. I’m not about that life, guys. I’m a chicken. Cluck cluck. 🐥🐥🐤

× Now that I’m done snarking about Bob my Headache of Doom™ has returned. Sigh. 

× I’m back at work this week. Woo. Anyway. That’s all for now. See you tomorrow! 

peace and love

picture perfect

I need this hallway in my life. 

Seriously. Just for a day. I was writing and I needed a visual and Pinterest came through. Even though I’m content with having somewhere to sleep and fully believe that most homes are only ever picture perfect for the sake of appearances, I kind of want a perfect house like this. Where everything is shiny and clean and pretty. 

I want a picture perfect life where nothing is ever too expensive and I don’t have to worry about running out of food tomorrow. I mean, we all do, right? 

That being said, life would be boring like that right? I think this is why so many people with money go crazy. When you have everything you want, you start searching for other ways to expel energy.

(Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself, LOL). 

If a mere pleb like me is busy trying to waste her money in new ways so that she can regret it later, I can only imagine it’s worse when you spend spend spend and still there’s no magic happiness at the end. 


… I really wish that was my hallway.