I’m ‘sad’ | Unplugged #1

No one liked my last Random Thoughts. Was it because of my twelve point Bobservations? I’m sorry!

Actually, I’m not. Haha. 

Anyway, new blog series! This one is called Unplugged. It’s going to be about me doing something away from the blog and social media that actually benefits me. So probably me rambling about writing a lot? You’ll love it. 

I was reading a story by one of the most popular writers in the tiny corner of the internet that I find myself in these days and I was struck by an overwhelming sense of this sucks.

Obviously, I have my opinion and everyone else has theirs, but I was struck by another sense. Is this jealousy talking? Her stories are liked more than mine, read more than mine, yet I don’t think they’re any better. Maybe some weird jealousy was behind my dislike of her writing. 

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12 six-word stories

1. Bob’s nose was bloodied, oh dear. 

2. I sang a song of joy. 

3. The bird flew over my donut. 

4. I rolled over on the stairs. 

5. Bruised my knee and my pride. 

6. I’m a melting pot of anarchy. 

7. Rage, wrath, anger, the whole shebang. 

8. You and me, forever and ever. 

9. You’re the best, wait, I jest. 

10. You’re so vain, it causes pain. 

11. Bounce on walls until I fall.

12. People laugh, but I’ve seen all.