#SoCS/Random Thoughts #34

This week has flown by. I’m so happy for that. So very very happy.

I don’t have much to say.

I have been starving all week. I’m talking seriously about to eat a yogurt at 3am hunger. I’m craving sugar, chocolate and my bubblemint gum isn’t helping matters. I’m hungry!

Now, fast speed of the week aside…

Life has been kicking me in the butt this week. I managed to scratch myself while using Vaseline on my legs. How, you ask? Well, your guess is as good as mine. One minute I’m rubbing it on and the next, there’s a weird pale mark on my leg and oh shit is that skin on my nail? After that the bleeding started and I had to clean it up and find a plaster and all of the fun stuff that comes with that.

Fast forward to the day before that or thereabouts and your girl got onto the wrong escalators and didn’t realise. After a few heart stopping moments, I managed to scramble back up and find the right one. I my defence, they pulled the old switcheroo on me, but it wasn’t my finest moment.

I’ve also managed to walk into several things and poke myself in the eye.

I lead a very dangerous (and clumsy) life. 

On that note, here are your Bobservations.

Bob = guy on Instagram who’s driven me into a life of mockitude and snarkdom because he’s so damn fudiculous.

For what it’s worth, I have less of an issue with Bob’s stories than I do his pictures. When I started following him, he was posting daily, but I guess he has shit to do now because he mostly sticks to updating his story. I don’t use Snapchat anymore, so I can’t say if he still does anything there. Anyway, yes.

1. He’s at the park, I guess, doing that thing where he films unsuspecting people. I hate this kind of thing. Why would you film strangers? What purpose does it serve, especially when they’re doing nothing of note?

2. People are doing weird pizza flipping things that’s actually pretty cool. I have no idea how to explain it in a way that makes sense. Filming this, I get, although it’s still skeevy.

3. A video snarkily captioned with ‘[his location] fashion’. Some woman has on running gear with one sock on and apparently that’s a problem? I guess Bob is bored. Let the girl run in peace, Bob, and stop being a weirdo. Jeez. 

4. He just started a live video but I love myself too much to click on it. Sorry, Bob. Well. Not really. 

/end Bobservations

Yeah, that picture really does sum me up.

At the moment I have a weird brain fog type of thing. I’m not sure why. Usually it’s a PMS thing, so… maybe it’s a delayed type of thing. Ughhhhhh. I’m taking vitamin B, iron and just ugh. It is the worst feeling ever. I am going to power through it, though.

I have important things to do like upload my Jesse McCartney songs so that I can listen to them on the go. Yeah, you read that right. And yes, he still makes music and he still looks a little boy. It’s kind of weird. But whatever, I’m reliving my youth!

To conclude, it’s been a weeks of highs and (mostly) lows, but, hey, I’m still here, right?

This is written as part of my Random Thoughts series and Stream of Consciousness Saturday (deets here).


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