the end is nigh for the star of random thoughts by a bitchy blogger

Today (or yesterday for me) was so awful that you get this post about Bob. I’m not even going to call it Random Thoughts, it’s just…Bobservations

So, after his little snarky remark about someone running, Bob had that live thing on Instagram, but I didn’t watch it. However, later, I was told what was in it. 

You know how I said he was on a TV show and not even the hottest guy on the show? Well, he’s not coming back to the show. I still think he’s a douche once removed, but the news kind of broke my heart for ten minutes. At first I was sad for myself (who am I going to mock now?), and then I was sad for him, and then I was sad for the fans (some of them are piiiiiissed). 

Personally, he could be on the show or not on it and it doesn’t really affect me, but a lot of people kind of wanted to see him back. I’d like to see him back but you know, it is what it is. I’d like to be a billionaire, but I’m not. That’s life. 

Bob still has his Instagram (where he can get all the love and validation he so clearly needs) and whatever is keeping him from the show. He will survive, even if he’s petrified at first. 

Anyway, now that he’s not coming back, I have no real reason to follow him. So… this might be the end of Bob. He might get cancelled twice. Not that me snarking about him counts. He can’t add that to his IMDB. Star of ‘Random Thoughts’ by a bitchy blogger on WordPress. Lol!

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