One-Liner Wednesday – If I like you, I like you

... yup. 😝 One-Liner Wednesday deets and entries are here. 


it never starts slowly [poem]

Text: It never starts slowly It's fast Loud Messy Bang bang Heartbeat races Blurred out faces You long for black Where everything is still You long for peace Where nothing hurts It never starts slowly It just never ends © hiptobesnark Written to quell some late night anxiety a couple of days ago. It kinda … Continue reading it never starts slowly [poem]

Best. Thing. Ever. | Unplugged #2

I was writing a story over the weekend and I got to a very familiar stage. How to describe emotions. I'm really bad at describing settings and also dialogue tags that aren't the basic he said, she said.  Obviously, someone can be sad, but how do you actually describe that.  Usually I'd write: "I feel … Continue reading Best. Thing. Ever. | Unplugged #2