my eyes are shady | Random Thoughts #35

9th August 

I start work in four hours and I’ve slept for about three hours. I’ve been up doing…God knows what for three hours. Reading. Reading stuff I’ve read many times before. I’m nuts. I don’t know what I was doing. 

Anyway, I have a raging headache and need to nap so obviously, I turned to Bob and his brand of boredom. 

  1. “It’s good to be back in the car that you’re comfortable in,” he says, after informing us that he got a lollipop while picking it up from the shop. I snorted and rolled my eyes. Receiving a lollipop is an Instamoment now. Go figure.
  2. He’s talking about how it’s a beautiful day and he’s driving but..I have no idea why he’s not focusing on the road. It’s this kind of nonsense that keeps me off the road. I’ll say more on this below. 
  3. Before clicking on the third video I thought, ‘Dear God, put your hat back on,’ but you know, I’m the Queen of Messy Hair β„’ so I take it back. I can’t hear what he’s saying because he has music playing. While posting to Insta. Dude. Get your life together, please. Or turn it down. #GrandmaAtHeart
  4. Bob with a cute kitty. I was too busy awwing to have a snarky thought, but my eye is watering randomly, so there’s that. My eyes are shaaaady. 
  5. His animal baby talk leaves a lot to be desired, he really should just mute it. I felt queasy listening to it. The cat is super cute, though. 

Fucked up shit that I read about this week:

  • Psychotic jogger who pushed a woman into the path of a bus
  • Live stream murder – the 18 year old who killed her sister after crashing her car while livestreaming. She continued to live stream the aftermath and broadcasted her dead sister for all to see.

– Joggers are fucking nuts. The worst ones are those that insist on jogging on a crowded street and then get pissed off when people have the audacity to walk. Go somewhere else. 

– Posting videos while driving is something I don’t get. Bob used to do it a lot, and I was even commending him in my head for stopping (although, I don’t watch half of his videos so….), when I saw these ones and I was like… oh. I guess so long as the phone is in a holder and the driver isn’t impaired it’s not going to be a big issue but a second is all it takes. If I got into a car and saw someone doing that, I wouldn’t go anywhere with them. 

Anyway, never got around to that nap. Fuck everything. It’s now 03:28 and I’m trying to work on my job application (see previous post). I fell asleep for about an hour or so. I look awful. My eyes are red. I look like a zombie. My head. Oh, my head. 

Imma close out with some Daria (I’m on a 90s TV show kick right now! I will do a post on the other blog about it). 


14 thoughts on “my eyes are shady | Random Thoughts #35

  1. My eyes are shady too. They always give me away. It’s why I lose at poker πŸ˜‚. Another good one. Though I feel a bit guilty for these posts amusing me. I do hope you’ve gotten your sleep 😴

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      • Sorry to hear that sleep is still being elusive. I went through the worst period of insomnia ever a few years back. I was considering joining a sleep study. Then I changed jobs. Bingo! Though I also use all kinds the tricks. No caffeine after 3 pm, no blue light an hour before bed, shower before bed instead of in the morning, if I do no wake do NOT look at the clock under any circumstances, use a sound machine with varying sounds, the whale sound makes me crazy but the rain works wonders and essential oils. Oh I forget to add nightly sleepytime tea and melatonin. Yep, all of THIS! at one time. The routine itself is exhausting which might be why I sleep. I really have no idea which parts are working so I keep doing them all. I somehow I passed the hurdle and get semi decent sleep again.

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      • N-n-no caffeine after 3pm? 😭 I think I might have to do that too, though. I think I might have caffeine hypersensitivity. I drink two cups a day and I can be up all night. Not sure if it’s the caffeine in particular but I don’t think it helps. I’ve heard that melatonin is good too, I’ll have to try it! I finish work at 11pm but I can’t blame that. Sleep was fleeting way before I started the job!

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