maybe it’ll taste okay | Random Thoughts #50-51

Continued from the first post because I ran out of thoughts. Lol. 

By the way, 🎡 = song recommendations. I’ll spare you any boybands. 

26. Favorite Random Thoughts post?

Probably this. Number 27. Bob complaining about narcissism will always be hilarious. How out of touch can you be? I only wish I’d saved those videos. I’ll have to have a look. Fucking hilarious.  

27. That’s quick maths

He was born in 84 so he’s 33. I went back and forth on that sum. I went back to 82 and I was saying, that means they’re 35 this year. So 84 is…33. I’m generally really good at mental maths. Very good. Fat lot of good it’s ever done me in life LOL. Obviously I was having a slow moment. One of many. 

28. Least favourite?

Well, there’s #13 which is private. For a good reason. Basically. I just read it and it’s absolutely fine. I judge myself too harshly sometimes. Basically Bob’s dog died and he was all mopey and I was all mopey and I more or less wrote I am sad for Bob and didn’t mock him. Back then I had no idea that I’d still be talking about him. No one did. Maybe I’ll put it back up one day. 

29. Bob posted a video of himself drinking coffee. 

I think he’s just on a loop and he can’t stop himself. Can someone stop me please? I just can’t fathom the thinking behind it. He has his messages open, so I imagine he gets a lot of I LOVE YOU and YOU’RE SO HOT and PAPI in his inbox. I really want to send one that says dude please get your life together but I don’t want him to block me. 

Life hasn’t been the same since the Supernatural guys’ bodyguard blocked me on Twitter. I haven’t recovered. I used to have epic fights with that foolish man. Until the day he found out I was a girl. What sane man is even following their bodyguard in the first instance? Anyway. I’ll leave Bob in peace. I did post a snarky well done on a video of his once. I didn’t mean it to be snarky, but it just came out that way. 

30. I want to watch a movie, but which one? 

Maybe Friday finally. I want an action movie. Heck, Collateral has been on my list for years. I need to watch it already. 

31. Mood.

I’m going to eat my dinner and watch Lie To Me now. 

32. Please please please don’t let this be an ulcer. 

I’m not ready to be jabbed with needles and hand in stool samples and whatnot. Please. 

33. I feel a little bit better now. 

I think I might know the cause of this issue. I ate some funky chin chin (does anyone know what that is). Sometimes my brain doesn’t function the way it should. I opened it and there was this pungent smell. I said well maybe it’ll taste okay. 

It didn’t. I spat it out and rinse my mouth immediately. I don’t think I swallowed any, but I might have done. I’m hoping that it clears up soon. Ugh. 

34. Bob is exploring today (Sunday) and guys, he managed to keep himself out of a lot of the videos. 


I think he secretly reads my blog and–

–oh wait, there he is. 

You tried, Bob. 

Anyway, he’s by himself on this expedition. When you see his shadow, it’s just him. Awww. What’s that about? He needs a friend. I mean, I explore the local supermarket by myself all the time, but that’s me. I’m a loner. Bob isn’t. We need to find him a friend. Who’s going to take all of his pictures? Unless he has a tripod in his backpack. 

You know what….

Sometime later, Bob is picking apples and another shadow appears. Woo, he has a friend!!! 

35. Moving on…

I am running out of things to blog about. I am flirting with taking a break to focus on other things. Probably in November. Will you miss me? I’ll keep you posted on Bob obviously. 

36. Crap

37. 🎡 Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

38. Random poem about toast

White as the snow

Not enough heat

Blacker than a berry

What a feat

Golden like the sun

That’s well done

39.  Random fact about me

I wish I had hair like Rapunzel. I have a post I wrote about my hair a long time ago. I’ll have to dig it up. 

40. 🎡 Heffron Drive – Parallel

One R. Two Ls. That word always trips me up. Anyway, even though this is song by one quarter of Big Time Rush, I really like it. The stars aliiiiiiiiiign. 

41. Six word story about toast

For it was blackened and charred. 

42. Salted caramel mocha

Yes. I like these. 

43. This is harder than expected


44. Dear Justin Timberlake

I need you to get over yourself and do a one off Nsync album. Please. We’re in the age of nostalgia. 

45. I was supposed to finish this post six minutes ago

… what an utterly stupid quote. 

46. πŸ˜‚

47. When your favourite band has a song that you can’t stand. 


48. Bob doesn’t really frustrate me

In my mind, Bob is like a long running bit. So I sign on, get annoyed and Snark bitches about it. Real Life me doesn’t think about him outside of the blog. And yes, Real Lifeme and Snark are two different people. Snark is my online outlet. Real Life me is well aware that we can’t always say what we think. So while RL me is low key snarky, we leave the hard stuff for Snark. I think that’s perfectly normal. *nods*

49. 🎡 Billy Talent – Surrender

One of my personal favourite songs. 

50. Thank you to anyone reading. 

I’m crazy, but I hope that I entertain you for a few minutes here and there. 

51. What 50 says! 


7 thoughts on “maybe it’ll taste okay | Random Thoughts #50-51

  1. loved this most (6 ws)
    For it was blackened and charred.
    fun thoughts here in this post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For a split-second, I thought #45 was something you were sincerely posting. Then I realized that would be ridiculous. And that quote is so stupid and totally false. I was just saying this to someone yesterday. If it was truly a choice, would I (or anyone) truly choose NOT to be happy? If just making a choice made it happen, that’d be f-ing great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When am I ever sincere? πŸ˜‚ Jk lol. Totally agree – 99% of these quotes are so dumb and misleading. Is it any wonder that people don’t feel better when you have people posting this unattainable nonsense in bite sized pieces. Ugh.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hate it so much! If I read one more thing that tells me all things are possible or some other such shit, I may vomit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We need to come up with our own anti-quotes or something. The ones around now are more harmful than helpful IMO.

        Liked by 1 person

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