Open Letter Challenge #1-2 

Day 1 of the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge is to write an open letter to a significant other or future significant other.  I am in a committed relationship with my bed, so, here it goes.

Dear Bed,

I wish you would just tidy yourself up sometimes. It’s very frustrating when I mess you up before I leave the house and you’re just sitting there looking at me blankly when I come back. The covers will be everywhere and some item or other will be lost and really, bed, you might as well just tidy yourself. All you do is sit there and do nothing. I don’t understand why you can’t just do me this one favour. 

However, I forgive you, bed, because you’ve always got my back. Literally. 


Day 2 is a letter to yourself as a child.

Dear Younger Self,

First of all, I’m sorry. Remember how people used to blow smoke up our ass and tell us that we had so much potential and that we couldn’t throw it away? Well, I fucked that up. I fucked it ALL up. We are mostly nowhere these days. We just exist. For that I’m sorry, but on the other hand, at least we’re not actively fucking up someone else’s life. You wanted to be a politician and I think we both know how that would have ended up. In that respect, I’ve done good. 

Anyway, our other aspiration was to be a writer. I suppose we’ve achieved that in a sense. I write things, ergo, I am a writer. Yeah, so, I fucked that up too but writers are late bloomers. We can do this. We have one original chapter of a book! That’s more than some people. 

I’m going to keep this short and say that I’m basically still the same messed up girl I was back then. Nothing really changes for us except that we get older. That’s basically life in a nutshell. Things get stiffer and the days seem that much longer. And we swear a lot because we’re edgy and shit (but mostly because the world sucks). 

Oh and I put on a shit ton of weight but I’m working on it, self. You have my word. 

All the best,

[full challenge here]

I’m aiming to get this done over the next two weeks (two letters a day). Wish me luck! Feel free to take part if you want. Go wild, go crazy, go snarky! 


2 thoughts on “Open Letter Challenge #1-2 

  1. I am so doing this challenge…thank you


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