5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

Written as a response to: Finally. 1. It's exhausting. I worked double time over the past few days to finish a project and I managed to make myself sick in the process. I didn't sleep. My back is currently doing it's version of the Cha Cha Slide. It's bad for your health, people.  2. Quality. You … Continue reading 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute


whispers in my mind [fiction]

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of the year. Instead, I was slumped in my bed with cold pasta wondering where my damn fork had gone. Most people would have gone to get a new fork, but I only had the one on account of my recent move. I'd been in this apartment … Continue reading whispers in my mind [fiction]

sweet like chocolate

Last Song Lyric Sunday of the year so I thought I'd go with something funky. The prompt was candy/sugar and my song is... Sweet Like Chocolate by Shanks and Bigfoot Sweet like chocolate You're sweet like chocolate Finding your way in the dark Ain't so hard when you're close to my heart You are there when I'm … Continue reading sweet like chocolate

Open Letters: #15-30

Open Letters #15-30 It’s New Year’s Eve.  Yeah... That being said. This challenge is not following me into The Year of Snark, so here we go. Each remaining letter. 100 words or less or GIFs. BOOM. Day 15- A letter to your community Dear Community, I hate that you’re being gentrified. I hate that the … Continue reading Open Letters: #15-30

How Some Writing Advice Can Actually Hurt You

Very good post about writing and putting yourself out there when you have social anxiety.

A Writer's Path

by Chloe-Anne Ross

What Should I Write About?

Whenever I’m listening to another writer’s Q&A on writing, this question seems to pop-up every now and again. I never understood why it would be asked or what kind of answer was expected until I got stuck.

I would love to be a writer and I would love to be published so it’s important to me that I remember it’s not an impossible dream by listening to those who have done it. So I listen to their advice, I learn that I should know my target audience and my genre and if I want to be a writer I need to engage with writing communities and get my name out there. 

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That time I bought a dress from H&M

I recently (okay it was few months ago now) entered your store in a well known shopping centre. I was feeling particularly woozy, but I had birthday gifts to buy. I was desperate. I stumbled upon a generous 3 for 2 offer and while I tried to find the least ugly stuff to buy, I … Continue reading That time I bought a dress from H&M