5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

Written as a response to: Finally. 1. It's exhausting. I worked double time over the past few days to finish a project and I managed to make myself sick in the process. I didn't sleep. My back is currently doing it's version of the Cha Cha Slide. It's bad for your health, people.  2. Quality. You … Continue reading 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute


whispers in my mind [fiction]

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of the year. Instead, I was slumped in my bed with cold pasta wondering where my damn fork had gone. Most people would have gone to get a new fork, but I only had the one on account of my recent move. I'd been in this apartment … Continue reading whispers in my mind [fiction]

Oh dear

I'm in the middle of taking out my twists (hair).  I am crabby from PMS.  I didn't have coffee today and have the mother of all headaches.  I was supposed to have that Secret Santa story done and I am nowhere near finishing. I have to pull an all nighter right now so it's going … Continue reading Oh dear

How Some Writing Advice Can Actually Hurt You

Very good post about writing and putting yourself out there when you have social anxiety.

A Writer's Path

by Chloe-Anne Ross

What Should I Write About?

Whenever I’m listening to another writer’s Q&A on writing, this question seems to pop-up every now and again. I never understood why it would be asked or what kind of answer was expected until I got stuck.

I would love to be a writer and I would love to be published so it’s important to me that I remember it’s not an impossible dream by listening to those who have done it. So I listen to their advice, I learn that I should know my target audience and my genre and if I want to be a writer I need to engage with writing communities and get my name out there. 

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