monday musings

By musings, I mean vent. 

I have another post about Awkward Manager coming up but today he frustrated me beyond belief.

First, he came over to me. No hello, just you’re doing this and after a certain time, you’re on your own. Fine. That’s the usual rude way we start off the day. 
Next he came to me and told (instead of asking) me to get something. I wandered around aimlessly and by the time I find it, I don’t even need it! Fine. That’s the usual incompetence I face on a daily basis. 

After that I took a phone call that he really should have taken? Of course, I couldn’t find him because he’s like a leprechaun on crack. All over the place. So that took up my time. Following that he made me do something else – bear in mind that I still have all of my work to do. Fine. Usual stupidity.

Come the end of the day, he was basically hovering over me and badgering me repeatedly to do something he could easily have gotten someone else to do. He kept asking if I could get it done (like he was interested in the answer!) and I said to him – I will try. He just looked at me. Why ask the fucking question then? He went away and I did my thing.  Obviously, he came back again. And again. The last time he was quite rude about it and I think I just blanked him out at that point. Not fine! At all. 

Someone else was saying that he shouldn’t talk that way to me because I’m a woman and he’s a man (lmao, chivalry is deader than common sense amongst Trump supporters) and I was just telling them that this is what they all do. 

He really got on my nerves today. He’s given me very nasty headache. He’s officially in my hall of shame and on my shitlist. And my back up shitlist. And my back up back up shitlist. 

I’m going to go and listen to Big Time Rush now. Am I too old to be listening to them? Yes. Do I care? Nope. 😂


1 thought on “monday musings

  1. The cards are hilarious


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