The Awkward Chronicles #10

We're back to Awkward Manager breaking personal boundaries. He was talking to someone else and let's say, pointing at my lanyard. Lanyards typically fall onto the chest area, right? The part with the ID card. Mine basically rests on the center of my cleavage area so when he moved on from pointing to tapping it … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #10


#JusJoJan – 5/1/18 – remember when

Today's prompt was memories. Off the top of my head I'm trying to remember a time when I wasn't talking to the person that punched me in the head today, but it's a new year and annoying people with violent tendencies* aside, I'm going to be positive.  A few days ago I asked someone if they were … Continue reading #JusJoJan – 5/1/18 – remember when