#JusJoJan – 7/1/18 – snarkdelible

– (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.
– not able to be forgotten.

Yeah, I’m going to turn to Pinterest for this one because I have nothing to say. I am in a state of mild anxiety at the moment because the last two hours have been horrible and not year of snark worthy. #effthatnoise

Well, Pinterest had several things to show me. 

The definition:

Couples pictures:

A lot of couple pictures. I hate to be that girl but there’s something about all of these pictures bar one that made me go ugh. How hard is it to just take a normal picture? Anything else needs to stay on your iCloud. I am not interested in your risqué poses or watching you suck face.
I am happy that you love each other but you can do that in person and spare the rest of us. I always find that the couples that don’t flaunt their relationships 24/7/365 tend to last longer. These people are clearly indelible wannabes. 



Allow me to put on my judgemental hat. 
Yeah…I am not a fan of tattoos in general. And I used to draw on my hands all the time! Call it a cultural thing or a me thing. I don’t really see the point in marking the skin with ink permanently. I can tolerate the small ones or things that have serious importance (your birthday doesn’t count), but anything else. Nope. I once saw this guy who has a weird sort of Celtic pattern on his leg. It made my brain hurt. I have this thing where certain patterns make my brain scrunch up and want to crawl away. 

I don’t know if that’s a condition or whatever, but it’s what happens. Ugly tattoos fall under the category. I find that the more tattoos someone has the worse they are (see: Tom Hardy, football/soccer players, most people with sleeves). 

Some tattoos just don’t make sense to me. Back tattoos. Neck tattoos. Any tattoo that requires a mirror in order for you to see it yourself. Knuckle tattoos. A tattoo of Jared Padalecki’s face. Song lyrics. Latin inscriptions. Face tattoos. Crosses (extra level of tacky). 


Plus, the cost! Unless you’re BFFs with a tattoo artist, oh hell no. Mama’s got bills to pay. Oh and the needle aspect is a non-starter as well. 


Before anyone throws a pitchfork at my head, I am not against people getting tattoos and I wouldn’t cross the street to avoid you, they’re just not for me. 

Anyway, unsurprisingly some people with tattoos don’t appreciate that viewpoint. Like, I always say, an opinion is a opinion and you don’t have to give a shit. 


3 thoughts on “#JusJoJan – 7/1/18 – snarkdelible

  1. I think some tattoos are really beautiful. I don’t think I’d ever get any myself, I hate needles and pain!

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    1. That’s true, some are really nice. I just hate the idea of marking my skin forever. I’d probably try to scrape it off LOL.

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      1. I know what you mean. I hate to think of what I’d look like at 90. 😉

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