#jusjojan – 11/01 – humiliate

Today at work, I got on the lift/elevator and it was empty. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wiped off some of the shine of my make up and I looked at my phone a little. From inside you have no idea if someone else has pressed to go up, so it opened and to my surprise, it was a manager that I call Awkward Manager (regular readers will be familiar with him!). 


He didn’t say anything to me which just made it worse. So, I said hi. He said hi back. More silence. 

For fu–

Okay, fine. I can do this. I can have a conversation in this lift. 

I asked him if he was okay, he said he was all while looking at me like I had three heads. Internally, I was thinking somebody get me out of here. He started saying some other stuff but unfortunately, I had reached maximum awkwardness capacity and I just nodded and turned away. My brain was like nope, abort mission. 

After that I could feel him looking at me. 


That is number one my biggest pet peeve about using the lift. I usually only use them when I go up and take the stairs down. I can’t deal.

There’s just something humiliating about it. That’s without the whole Awkward Manager situation. You are stuck in a confined place and nobody is saying anything or if they are, there’s one person in there that you don’t know and it’s awkward. I honestly wish there was a way I could just not be in my body when I’m in one. I just internally freak out and it makes me so anxious. 

I have elevatophobia, but in a people sense

This. Always this.

Written for JusJoJan for the prompt humiliate courtesy of Jim Adams.


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