about your purchase | #socs

Linda's prompt was different this week, but all I had was a receipt and my three words were 'about your purchase'. LOL. When I'm upset, I tend to buy things. Anything. Mostly random shit on eBay. Today is no different, I already have a basket full of stuff. Today's desired item is purple matte lipstick to match the … Continue reading about your purchase | #socs


#3words1story 003

Welcome to 3 Words 1 Story!  How it works is that I'll give you three word prompts which you can then use to write something of any length. It can be a story, a poem, a song... even a post. I don't mind. Whatever floats your boat!  Link back to this post and I'll check … Continue reading #3words1story 003

the one where I cried

Does anyone remember that post where I said: I hate crying because it's so horrible and awful. Obviously, I was due my first cryfest of the year and it happened in public at my workplace because I'm me and my life is awesome. Basically Awkward Manager asked me to take something somewhere. Prior to that, someone else tried to do it … Continue reading the one where I cried