#3words1story 004

Welcome to 3 Words 1 Story! How it works: I'll give you three word prompts which you can then use to write something of any length. It can be a story, a poem, a song... even a post. I don't mind. Whatever floats your boat! Link back to this post or comment below and I'll … Continue reading #3words1story 004


#DoodleBingo: W for Wish

I went with designing my own eloquent firework for this one.  Picasso ain't got nothing on me.  I went with fireworks because they're pretty and I needed to just play with a bunch of colours because I'm sad at the moment and colours are happy.  Well, most of them.  via #DoodleBingo

can I do both?

I don't have an aversion to ultimatums because I literally ignore them. Even in exams when it said answer one part of the question I'd do both and cross out the answer that sucked the most.  I think I'm just immune them. Written for JusJoJan (ultimatum).