colour my world | #jusjojan

Apparently Tuesday was my #JusJoJan prompt. I picked colour. I was going to ramble about purple. 

Now my head is sort of empty.


I’m still going to ramble about purple. 
I love purple. It’s my favourite colour. 

Purple anything is good with me. I saw a woman dressed in all purple today and it was glorious; she even had on thigh high boots. That were purple. The outfit wasn’t perfect but it was purple. She got a go sister from me. 

Whenever I see anything purple I automatically get excited. I would probably eat a purple sandwich if someone gave me one. 

Apparently, there’s some science to why we have favourite colours, but it’s interesting that we can get so excited by something as basic as colour. 

It’s funny. I once had a very strange realisation. I’m someone who likes to blend in. However, I’m always wearing something bright. Bright blue headbands, bright purple jacket. Even bright pink nail polish. Bright lipstick. Bright eyeliner. 

I’m attracted to bright colours even though I would rather not be noticed. 

Maybe it’s a personality thing. I feel like brighter colours are positive and happy, but I like dark colours too. There’s also perhaps a deep rooted reason. My mother would always tell me not to buy or wear black because I was dark. Not really sure what she meant by that, but these days I subconsciously avoid black. Even if I do want a dark colour, I go for navy. 

It’s interesting how we tend to gravitate to certain colours without thinking about it. 

Although, let’s be honest. Purple is pretty damn awesome. 


6 thoughts on “colour my world | #jusjojan

  1. I always go for black! It’s easily 90% of my wardrobe… or more. If it doesn’t come in black, why buy it? These are the kinds of things I think… 🙂

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    1. Black was my go to when I was a bit on the larger side, but now I find it kind of formal? I tend to wear all black at work so now I associate it with that. At the very least I’d have to wear some kind of flashy jewellery to liven it up if I wore black on a casual basis. But that’s me. Heck, I wear a different pair of earrings every day, LOL.

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      1. I just find that everything I ever wear looks better in black than any other color. But I think that’s a reflection of my personality, at least in part. I look weird in light or bright colors. Maybe because I haven’t worn them since I was a kid… haha…

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  2. Purple IS awesome! Great post, my dear. Thanks so much again for the prompt! ❤

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