Congratulations! Just Jot It January 2018 edition

Woooo! Huge thanks and congrats to Linda for running another success #JusJoJan. If you didn’t get a chance to take a look – go now!

I think I actually kept to it this year with the exception of a few stream of consciousness posts. My entire life is one never ending stream of awkward consciousness, so, I decided to give myself a break, lol! But anyway, YAY!

Linda G. Hill

January 31st is almost at an end here at my house, so I feel I can safely say Just Jot it January 2018 is in the bag. We did it!

Huge congratulations to all of you who managed to post every day. It’s quite the feat! And even if you jotted something down every day but didn’t post it, you still completed the challenge; JusJoJan is all about the writing, not necessarily the blogging.

I’d like to give a special shout out to our kind providers of the Daily Prompts. Your help was much appreciated! All titles are clickable links. Check out any you missed!

Drama, by Ritu – January 1st
Boisterous, by Dan – January 2nd
Passionate, by Rosemary – January 4th
Memories, by Cage (no post) – January 5th
Indelible, by Ruth – January 7th
Pants, by pensitivity – January 8th
Coffee, by Barbara – January 9th

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Okay, fine.  I will admit that I maybe have a crush on That Guy (guy that I work with who may or may not like me etc). At this point, there's no running away from it. I literally start waving like an idiot when I see him. I tend to go over and talk to him … Continue reading fine.