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After the disastrous date, I decided to focus on my life. Namely how I planned to finance the six bedroom house I so desperately wanted. Not because I was one of these girls who dreamed of being chosen by a billionaire with good taste, but because I was the kind of person who would get bored enough to use all six bedrooms (provided that I didn’t pick up any strays).

However, before I could even dream of that, there was someone I had to remove from my life. That useless lug of tissue and matter that masqueraded as a roommate. He wasn’t so much of roommate as a freeloader. I was sympathetic to his plight. His girlfriend of seven years had gotten that itch and then married his best friends two months later. After an epic office meltdown, he’d lost his job and I took pity on him. I took the pity on the asshole who used to finish all of the milk at work.

I should have known better, but honestly, my mouth and my brain rarely ever communicated well. It was just a line of static with the occasional crackle.

That being said, enough was enough.

I groaned to myself as I approached him. He was in his default position. Trash talking sixteen year old kids on Xbox Live.

“Hey, man, so, I’m going to need you to either pay me rent, or move out.”

That’s what I mean to say.

What came out was, “Hey, I need money for my six bedroom house.”

He paused his game and looked at me. “I would love to help you but if you hadn’t noticed, my life is in the gutter. Literally. I have nothing. I have no one. Except for you. God bless you.”

I stared at him for a minute before I decided that this conversation wasn’t going to go anywhere.

Next time, I told myself. Next time.

This is much easier when I make Snarky Girl my character. I wonder why. 😂


an awkward mess of a human being

Oh my gosh. 

I hate to be that girl who talks about a guy but apparently that’s where I’m at right now. I’m sorry. 

This is a (ish) quick update on That Guy. Here’s a quick (ish) reminder of who he is. I have a longer post coming up but Thursday was so fuuuucking awkward. 

First of all, I saw him when he appeared, but I was talking to someone else. I also had managers on my case so I didn’t say anything to him and sort of did my best to not come into contact with him. 

I do this all the time. From having social anxiety, sometimes the worst thing is being forced to make conversation. Even if it’s with someone you know, sometimes, you’re just not in the mood. Once you have that mindset, it takes a lot to work up the nerve to have a conversation. Especially if there are other people around. 

I don’t think that’s bad? Is it bad to do that? If it is then fine, my bad. However, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. People talk too much at work so I always talk to him when no one else is around or within earshot. If I’m working alongside someone, I’m not going to drop everything to say hello to him until I’m done discussing things.

That’s what I was going for today. 

This dude called me out on it. I said hi to him – I initiated the conversation! – and he was like, “Are you blanking me?” or “You’ve been blanking me?”

I was mortified. 
I said, “No, I’m not blanking you!” and he was just saying something like, “You were busy?”

Yeah, busy trying to process what the fuck you just said to me. 

In reality, I wasn’t busy doing anything other than nothing (hence why the manager was on my case, which he surely heard because he was standing RIGHT THERE) so…I just didn’t say anything. I just asked if he was okay (apparently not, lol). 
After that I didn’t say anything to him. He did make conversation with me, but I was probably dismissive. 

I don’t know how to feel about that. On one hand, I was keeping my distance but blanking someone means ignoring them and if I was the one to say something first, I’m not blanking him! Or have I been blanking people the wrong way all this time? Is there a list of blanking dos and don’ts? Send it my way so that I can do it properly. 

On the other hand, he easily could have said something to me and I would have replied because I’m not rude. 

The fact that he was in his feelings after fifteen (ish) minutes of me not saying anything is…I don’t know. I’m not annoyed, just bemused and embarrassed at someone thinking I was doing that to them when I genuinely wasn’t. It was very awkward after that. He was speaking to me after but I was in the mood where my brain had checked out and I just wanted to go home.
Come to think of it, I think his problem most likely started on Wednesday. Once again, I was with someone else so I didn’t say anything because I hate talking in front of two people who don’t know each other. There’s always that weird awkwardness where I’m having a conversation with one person and trying to include the other and I’m not really socially equipped for that for that level of conversational effort. 

In truth, I’m an awkward mess of a human being who doesn’t have time for any of this.