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After the debacle with my sloth of a roommate, I decided to move on to other areas of my life. Namely the deadwood that was clogging up my Facebook on a daily basis. There was one guy who sent me a fortnightly message asking me why I didn’t respond to his messages. Through him, I’d learnt that fuck off wasn’t really an effective method of getting people to leave you alone. If anything, it made them want you more.
Or rather, it made him want my five grand even more. It was the same old story. I pay him five grand to keep his millions safe and at the end of the day, we both made bank. Given that I had dreams, it was a scintillating offer, but unfortunately, I had a brain. One that knew the difference between crime and obeying the law.

The thing was that, it took a lot for me to lose my temper and block someone. I was a glass half full but also empty kind of girl. Asking me for money constantly was okay so long as he wasn’t a dick about it.

Give the money or else bitch.

Apparently twenty-five fuck offs made my admirer a dick.

Seven hundred words (of me telling him what I thought of his felonious ways in what I would call extremely colourful language) later, he was the one to block me.

I don’t think I’m as brave as Snarky Girl, lol. 


save me

I’m going to be that girl again because apparently I’m boy crazy this week. 

All throughout the week, I’ve had this running post on That Guy and the entire post is an embarrassing mess. Mainly because I accidentally spent most of the week avoiding him, he realised and called me out on it. 

Later, I realised I was actually avoiding him (turns out writing everything down has its perks) because that’s what I do when I freak out (you will find out why if I ever post that horrible mess). 

However, I was annoyed that he called me out after I basically tried to be nice and make conversation. 

My life is like a CW show that’s cancelled after three episodes. Not very interesting but full of drama.

If I’m being honest, part of me feels like this huge fraud. I basically changed my look in September (that sounds really dramatic but I literally just woke up one day and had a really bad image crisis and decided that I had to take action). I started doing my hair properly. I finally figured out how to apply make up without it looking like shit.

I am one of those unfortunate people who spends 70% of the time thinking that they’re hideously ugly. If someone looks at me for too long I automatically think that they’re judging me because I’m unpleasant to look at. I also have an epic resting bitch face, so…

I know that’s really sad, but I’m working on it. I try to have fun with my makeup and jewellery but not everyday and not excessive amounts. I only really use concealer for under my eyes. I figured out how to use the concealer correction palette (it works on dark skin YAY!) so I just either use it under eye on low key days or all over when I want to change things up. Other than that it’s eyeliner or shadow, mascara and lipstick. 

I have my doubts that That Guy would be interested if he saw the ‘real’ me. He’s way better looking than I am. Like, waaaaay better. I’ve seen enough television to know that one should never punch above one’s weight. 

Or in my case, stumble above. 

However, at the same time, that’s unfair on my part and maaaybe just my woeful lack of confidence talking. 

And now I’m writing another long winded post. 

Seriously. SAVE ME.