#3words1story 014

jump – bear – fall

Sunday was an awkward kind of day. In an ideal world, I’d wake up nice and early, pick out a sensible outfit and head to church. Following that, I’d go home, make myself a nice lunch and do all of the cleaning that I’d put off during the week.
Unfortunately for me, there was nothing ideal about my world. Not when I had a roommate whose goal was to build up so much trash that the living room was now a skateboarding obstacle course. I was convinced that Tony Hawk could literally skate through it with no issue.

On this Sunday, when I entered the room, the first thing I did was jump over a discarded pair of boots. The last thing I needed was to fall and break my neck. Not with my apartment looking like trash. I wonder if it was bad that the worst part of that scenario was someone seeing the apartment in a mess and not my potential death.

Anyway, I grabbed my cleaning gloves as well as an extra pair and I switched off the electricity by the mains. The sound of the TV died instantly. I waited patiently by the cupboard for my roommate to appear. He was dressed in loose fitting sweats and smelt like my laundry bag after I’d neglected it for too long. I couldn’t even bear to focus on the stain on his shirt. It was shaped like a walnut which was troubling in itself. 

“Is that power down?” he asked, voice groggy from lack of use.

I raised an eyebrow. “No. I’m just tired of seeing you treat my apartment like a personal trash can. Either you leave or you clean it up. Your choice.”

The problem was that we’d come to this casual agreement about his stay and I’d never set any rules. I wasn’t the kind of person who did confrontation well. However, my living room smelling like the inside of an old sock was the push that I needed.

With a wary sigh, he ambled past me and returned with a trash bag and bottle of cleaning fluid.

“When you’re done here, my room needs cleaning too.”

He turned and raised an eyebrow.

“What?” I said. “Haven’t you seen every rom-com ever? Cleaning marks the start of you getting over your break-up.”

“Really?” he said dryly.

I smiled. “Really.”

Inspired my desperate need to clean over the weekend. Normal slobbery will be resumed from this point forward. 


song lyric sunday: around the world

Theme: Earth

Obvious choice was maybe The Earth Song (WHAT ABOUT UUUUUUUUUSSSSSS?)

However, I need upbeat music right now so it’s going to be:

Daft Punk – Around The World. 

With bonus crappy doodle because there isn’t much in the way of lyrics. LOL. Yeah, I can’t draw.