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rice ~ fit ~ umbrella

It took me three months to realise that my roommate wasn’t going anywhere. That meant that I was going to have charge him rent and utilities because my bills were going up in tandem with my blood pressure. That guy ran through electricity faster than Usain Bolt doing the 100m. I almost had a fit when I saw the figures.
Of course, on the day that I was going to inform my roommate (let’s call him Steve) of this development, my phone died. By died, I mean it succumbed to a mystical land known as the toilet bowl. I wouldn’t have minded had it not been my work phone. The scream I released was so loud that Steve actually came to see what was happening.

I opened the down and howled miserably while holding up the water-soaked phone.

“Don’t worry,” Steve said. “It’s not that bad.”

He left before I could say anything and returned minutes after, with a bowl of rice in one hand and an umbrella in the other. I blinked at him.

“The rice is for the phone. You put it here, give it twenty four hours and it should dry out.”

“And the umbrella?” I asked, stifling another sniffle. I was a grown woman, dammit. It was just a phone. A very expensive phone, but a phone all the same.

Steve bowed his head with embarrassment. “It’s for my old phone. I kept wanting to call my girlfriend so I hid it under the couch and got a new one.”

“Ex-girlfriend.” I corrected him automatically these days. I figured that the sooner he got over the relationship, the sooner he would get out of my apartment.

“Whatever,” Steve said with an eye roll. “Do you want the phone or not?”

Monday was not great, but I’m determined to keep going with these. It’s a very cool way to clear the mind. It doesn’t take very long for me to come up with something from the three (randomly selected) words. That’s because that is the system that’s worked for me with writing. The fun part here is connecting all three words together without having to force one in, lol. 

Anyway! Onto the next one. 


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