do you ever…

Every damn day. 

I got home on Monday and if you didn’t read my post on it basically work was shit and it all ended in tears. 

The worst part of it was the manager who I just don’t like. She is relatively new and maybe not used to me, but…the way she spoke to me on Monday was…Well okay, it was the standard at my job but absolutely not what I need to hear when I’m an emotional wreck. Ordering me around like I’m a dog and talking nonsense when she was AWOL most of the time. 

Lady, go and take a hike on cacti covered grass, please. 

I almost told her to fuck off before I took a time out. 

When I got home I was just like, yeah I’m not going in tomorrow. And I didn’t. For me to miss work is pretty major. I haven’t taken a sick day in over a year. I was just done, though. I didn’t want to see that woman AT ALL. 

Fast forward to Tuesday and oh boy did I make the right choice. I was in agony. Cramps, headache, whatever. Usually, I’d just go to work like that but I’m sooooooo glad that I didn’t.

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