Random Thoughts #67

It’s been a while! I was just reading through some of the old ones and cracking up. Ah. I amuse myself at least. 

Bob posted some videos of his commercial, or promotion a clothing line. It was very horsey and ~deep, yet ultimately pointless (to me). It didn’t make me want to buy the clothes because they weren’t showcased all that well? It was just Bob staring into the distance forlornly and looking very handsome.

Yeah, fine, that’s probably all the buyer needs. Pretty dude. Pretty horses. Sold.

I don’t get a chance to watch his stories much but come Easter, I will celebrate my one year Bobbyversary, and I will make an effort. Anything for Bob. His ridiculousness will never not be entertaining (unless it’s bizarre conspiracy theories).

I still need to watch his Christmas movie. I said I’d watch it in March. It’s March. I won’t disappoint y’all.

I also still need to watch his SVU episode. I’m surprised Bob hasn’t been on Supernatural yet, but there’s still time.

Now, I have to be really honest. When people start talking about whatever doomed relationship their in, my eyes glaze over because it’s not really that interesting to me. Unless it’s a really messy story with lots of drama. Lol. Anyway, yeah, so I feel like a combination of things have turned my blog into me whining about a guy. I apologize for that. I hate it. I hate talking about it. I just haven’t had much else to say really.

I lead a boring life.

Trump. I am so tired of hearing about Trump. Firing. Hiring. Fucking pornstars. Melania. His son. The entire family need to just not be visible. It’s too much. I had a conversation with someone I follow about why he voted for Trump (common goals, didn’t like Hillary). Ultimately, while I try not to judge, it’s impossible.

It made me think more about minorities who voted for Trump. I remember watching a guy on the news saying that any black person voting for Trump was not a real black person because he’s racist. I agreed with the sentiment. However, it’s sad that someone can become so disillusioned that they vote for someone who views them with utter contempt.

Sometimes people are so desperate for change that they do not think about where it’s going to come from and the motivations of those bringing change.


I miss it. I haven’t been able to get into a rhythm. I have my April fest coming up. It’s the usual schtick. Snarky Girl in different situations. I haven’t figured it out yet. I have another story that I started in January that I’m yet to finish. I have to get a move on.

I feel like writing is the one constant I have in life and losing track of it fucks up my entire schedule.


I’m flirting with taking a break, but I don’t think that’s wise. I need an outlet and this seems to be it.

So you’re stuck with me.

I was listening to a bunch of songs the other day and this one came up.

It took me way back to 2004. When life was much better. We spend so much time wanting to be adults when we’re young and stupid. If only we knew what horrors adulthood would come with.

I need to stop laughing at everything. Obviously, I can turn it off when the wrong person is around me but I keep finding myself apologizing for laughing or telling people that I’m not laughing at them, I’m just laughing. I really am. Someone could say the word beans and I would crack up. It’s just a random thing that happens, lol.

Like I always tell myself I’m such an egg. 



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