heart in words

I feel like right now I want to write write write but what I’m working on is 8k of a series and #snapshots and they require mammoth amounts of effort.

So, apparently, I’m a poet again. Who knew?

💜 in ✍

Pen to paper
Heart in words
I bared my soul
Cast you into a shallow hole
Shut the door
Don’t want you anymore

Smoke to flames
Fire to ashes
I watched it all burn
Told you you’d learn
Stood up tall
Cast you behind the wall

Regret to apathy
Structure to ruins
I sat back and watched
Thought about the pain
Picked myself up
Vowed to reach the top

Self-doubt to self-loathing
Disappointment to anger
I told myself that this too shall pass
Threw the remnants of you away
Dusted off my pride
‘Cause the Lord was on my side


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