Just when I think I can’t be anymore surprised, I am. People never fail to amaze me. Some might say I’m astonished, but the sad thing is that I’m not. 
Now I’m going to cap off this vague post with a quote. 

Onto something that did astonish me was this whisper confession:

….do people actually growl mine in real life? I can just about tolerate it in a shitty love story but in real life? I would laugh my head off, probably offend said boyfriend and end up crying about our break up on this very blog. 

I’m a gem, aren’t I?

[response to the daily prompt]


8 thoughts on “astonish

  1. I do like the word ‘fuckers’. I think “You fuckers” is quite an endearing way to address your friends.

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  2. All I can picture with the “mine” thing is a two year old who won’t share a toy.

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    1. Lmao! Exactly. I wonder if there are some weirdos out there actually doing this…I hope not but these days you never know.

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      1. Sadly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

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  3. Ummm. I think I would be genuinely confused if a boyfriend referred to me as “mine”, just because I’m quite skeptical that real life men are that possessive. XD Is that confession actually real? It sounds like something I might read in fanfiction.

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    1. I’ve read it (and refrained from writing it) in fanfic. That kind of weird possessiveness is not cute. There are some who are like that, but I doubt growling ‘mine’ is on the top of their lists…

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      1. Yeah, same. I don’t know what people are thinking when they write that stuff in fanfiction. Idk if real people are into that as a fantasy thing and I’m not judging, but personally I would not want to be around someone that possessive.

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