#writephoto: spiralling

Apparently, I’m doing this today because it sounds fun and I need as many distractions as possible! 

Check out the original prompt post here

up and down
my mind goes
spiralling in the dark
twisting around lies
weaving its way
through the confusion
trapped in static


On a non-poetic note, I actually want to punch myself in the face. No, seriously, I really do. Or maybe I can shake myself. Shake all of the stupidity out of my body. If only that worked, we’d be much better off as a species. Ah. Anyway, yes. Thank you for being the lucky recipients of that rant. 



6 thoughts on “#writephoto: spiralling

  1. Sometimes we all need a little rant!!

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  2. A potent poem… thank you for choosing to distract yourself with the challenge this week. I hope you’ll be back 😉

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