#1LinerWeds – directions

.... Despite the fact that I have resting bitch face I always get stopped for directions. Just the other day some guy stopped me for a lengthy amount of time.  Even after I told him I had no idea where he was heading, he was chatting away. I asked if he had the address and … Continue reading #1LinerWeds – directions


throwing my ring into the hat

So, y'all, it's time for another One-Liner Wednesday badge and I wasn't sleeping anytime soon so I ran off and made this.  And then I realised that the rules I skipped over meant that I had to use my own photo. My puppy dog eyes didn't work on Linda, so I did eventually manage to find something on … Continue reading throwing my ring into the hat

It’s just my face

‘Cause this still applies. Oh, and also, I’m aiming to reblog one old post a week. Just ‘cuz.


I get this a lot:

You look angry

What they really mean to say: SMILE!

My response:


I am thinking of tattooing this onto my forehead. Thursday, I was drugged up on pain meds. So I could feel my face. Actually, I couldn’t feel it. So I knew that I probably looked out of it. Whenever someone I didn’t know spoke to me, it was a struggle to understand them. Anyway, on Thursday, I could probably accept the comment.

Other days, though, I get the above variation of YOU LOOK UPSET, YOU LOOK ANGRY, YOU LOOK FED UP, YOU LOOK ANNOYED etc.

People, please.

I’m fine (kind of). Seriously, all you have to do is say two words to me and I break out into an embarrassed smile. I am one of those idiotic gigglers. I laugh because I don’t know what else to do…

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