mixed signals #8

Writing these posts is always so damn liberating. I think it’s because I can be honest here whereas I have to censor myself with my friends because I know what they’ll say, but my brain never gets with the program.

So, Blog World, you get the goods. Following on from the last part….


After an awkward ten minutes of silence, I sort of said hello. He had some weird, stressed look on his face so I asked, ‘Why is your face like that?’. He said he was tired. I made a sympathetic face and he said, ‘What’s with the look?’. I said it was a sympathetic look in his honour. I added ‘not that you deserve my sympathy‘. Once again: what did I do? Give me a clue.  

If there was a prize for acting dumb, DS would win every time. 

I foolishly gave him a clue and he was just so nonchalant about it that I got extremely annoyed. 

We didn’t speak again that day. 

I texted him over the weekend (tell me whyyyyyy, ain’t nothing but mistake) and he hit me back two days later with some bullshit about how if we’re truly friends I need to learn how to express myself freely with him

Yo. After two days? Dude, your communication skills suuuuuuuck. It’s like talking to a cactus. Yet, I’m the one who can’t express myself freely. Right. 

I replied with, actually, you wouldn’t be able to handle it if I did and also you’re not that easy to talk to. 

My problem with DS is that he’s basically an out of sight, out of mind kind of guy. However, he also acts dumb a lot of the time. He strikes me as someone who thinks this behaviour is charming, and/or he wants the other person to drop it so he simply pretends that it didn’t happen. He’s been trying that with me for weeks. 


So, we bumped into each other upstairs. I hit him on the arm kinda, not sure why, lol. He said that he got my message. I said that I know he did. He said that he’s an easygoing guy (looooool nah son) and that I should try (talking to) him. He said that we never get a chance to talk. He asked if I’d pick up if he called and I said no. I told him that I don’t like phone calls. He said he doesn’t like texting. I said that I don’t like the way my voice sounds on the phone and he said that I sound ‘quite alright‘.

Before I left he yelled ‘pick up your phone‘ after me. Unfortunately, I can’t pick up a nonexistent phone call. This guy is a trip. 
Sometime later, we cross paths again. I was waiting for the elevator and he was just laughing away and smiling and I was like, ‘Uh, what’s so funny?’ He says that I’m ‘killing him’ and that I should just ‘shoot him and be done with it‘. Lol, okay. This isn’t Shakespeare, dude. Stop being dramatic. Go write a sonnet or something. 

Later, I was just joking around, and I maybe went too far. There was this funky smell and I was like, ‘what’s that smell?’ He said, ‘that’s a good question’ and I automatically said ‘is it you?‘ 

When I’m cranky, my snark is off the chain and uncontrollable. 

The silence that followed was aaawkwaard. Like, pin drop awkward. I felt it to my soul. His response was, ‘did she just say that?’ I didn’t apologize but I tried to clarify that it sounded worse than intended. Probably didn’t help that I was laughing. And that someone else overhead and they were laughing too. 

He just said he’d remember that. I recall not really giving a shit.


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