How To Ruin Your Unpopular Blog

1. Talk about the same thing over and over.

I will admit that I have succumbed to something commonly known as….XY FOOLISHNESS. XY FOOLISHNESS (all caps) is the process in which a male proceeds to irritate you with his foolishness. Usually, I do not entertain such things, but you know, I’m human, I’m an anxious wreck. All I needed was a walking headache to make the package complete. Got one. Blogged about it. Repeatedly. For months. MONTHS. I do apologize. 

2. Be super private and use code names for everyone

I use code names. That’s what I do. Instagram guy was Bob. Walking headache was That Guy and later Dumb-Dumb. Awkward Manager was Awkward Manager. Annoying Girl was Annoying Girl. Good Friend was Good Friend…
I need to get better code names.

Except for my code name. Mine is awesome. 

3. Create content and then abandon it

I have so many amazing series of blog posts that exist solely in my head. The latest one is called ‘Dear Men’. I wrote two posts and concluded that men are stupid and I’m not going to be able to change that. I’ll still post them, though.

4. Make it too personal

You’d think this was my diary. The amount of times I have to delete posts because I’ve spilled too much is unreal. Yeah, yeah, yeah, open space, but still, this is the internet. Gotta be careful, boo.

5. Renege on the snark

This blog is called Hip To Be Snark. Not Hip To Be Caught Up Over A Dumbass. I need to get with the program already. 

6. Run out of ideas. 

Yeah. Sorry. You just have to deal with my short stories and tales of Dumb-Dumb. 

© hiptobesnark 

       // this post is a continuation of my How To… series. 


4 thoughts on “How To Ruin Your Unpopular Blog

  1. Well, to be fair to you, some people do use their online blogs as diaries. I’m not going to name any names, but I have read another blog where I felt the blogger was blogging almost every day about the same guy and every argument or dispute she had with him. That, to me, was a bit excessive and really not my cup of tea. Your blog, on the other hand, is doing just fine. Yes, you wrote many posts about Dumb Dumb but the fact you can poke fun at yourself about it shows you haven’t lost your snark after all. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Phew! I’m glad that I’m not going overboard. Some of the little things I can’t tell other people so it’s good to write it. Plus, I overthink a lot so writing it all helps. I’m also wildly inexperienced when it comes to guys, so I’m still confused by the whole thing, lol.

      That other blog sounds annoying. I remember following one where the blogger would post the same thing everyday about her husband. I tapped out when she started complaining about negative comments…There was nothing positive to say most of the time..


      1. It helps to get stuff out in writing. ☺ I could say the same for myself regarding inexperienced with guys. I know nothing about them lol.

        It is a turn off when a blogger is negative all the time. I mean, I should know lol since I feel I used to be overtly negative in the majority of my posts and hardly ever talking about good things.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, if you ever need any advice, I have plenty of it. Lord knows I’ve advised enough people. The basics are that most guys are dumb. Occasionally, you find a rare gem. Avoid the ones that are evasive over the simplest things (like Dumb-Dumb) and you’ll be fine. If he’s not straight with you – run. I’m more of a ‘be friends first’ kind of person though, so all of that advice went down like a lead balloon for me. Sigh.

        Eh… I used to feel like that, before I realised that I’m not obligated to read every single post. If I know that a certain person is negative, I just avoid their blogs when I’m feeling down etc. I get it, though, some people can be a drag. Personally, I blog the way I am. Grumpy, snarky, randomly with a sprinkle of hyperactivity every now and then. 😂😉


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