moving forward

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli

On that note…

Update on Operation Avoid Dumb-Dumb 

I am frustrated. 

I didn’t feel guilty on Tuesday, but now I kind of do? I think it’s because we work together and I’m friendly with a few people who work closely with him. I feel like I’m talking to everyone but him. I’m someone who has lifelong issues due to being excluded so I hate feeling like I’m doing that to someone. 

He didn’t try to talk to me on the days after I aired him. He’s still looking at me, though. It’s all very passive aggressive. It could be that he’s in one of his moods, but… Don’t look at me at all. Problem solved!

Oddly enough, I can tell that he feels some kind of way – like he’s offended or upset somehow. I suppose I can understand why, even though he deserves it. 

If someone is friendly one day and hostile the next, you’re going to be all like what have I done? Perhaps I’ve sent this mixed message, but the radio silence in between should have clued him in. 

That being said – we are not friends. He was the one who labelled us as friends to begin with. I’ve never truly considered him a friend. I told him that our friendship was never genuine because it wasn’t. 

So, I’m not sure why he’s angry that I don’t feel like having anymore meaningless interaction with him. I will save that energy for someone who deserves it. 

Obviously, last time I caved first, but this time I’m not interested because I don’t want a repeat of last time!

The last few times I saw him we were in that pretending nothing happened phase. I was playfully hitting him, he was making his cheesy comments and when I was away from it all…

I just realised that there’s no scenario in which we can be friendly without my feelings getting hurt.

Maybe I’ll feel bad, but it’s better than feeling like I’m being mentally and emotionally manipulated by someone who just isn’t worth it.

You know, while I hate polluting my blog with this shit, there’s always little gems and nice reminders in these posts. That last line is what I need to copy and paste somewhere to read over. 

Update on the update

So, you know how I was like Dumb-Dumb’s new piece was married before. Well. Her hubby also works with us, but he’s moved onto a new girl. They usually work different shifts, but apparently this week they’re all working together. Same time. Same place. 

Yooooooooo. What in the soap opera telenovela hell is this? I found it all very hilarious. I was just cackling away at my station. The other couple are a hot fucking mess. Someone told me that they make out in the break room. I was in tears. What kind of foolishness is this, please? 

Hubby – how about you get a new job? I’m dead @ him giving no fucks at all. New Piece is also smiling at them as well. I think she’s a bit loopy because it could not be me. 

I’m sad to be linked to this sorry situation in any shape or form, LOL. 

Anyway, so New Piece was around just before I was ready to go home. She must have walked past me and one colleague was like that’s the girl isn’t it? I confirmed it was her and apparently she’d been giving me some funny/dirty look. Oh, honey, no. LMAOOOOO. 

I just told my colleague that New Piece needed to take that energy elsewhere. I always pay her dust because I have no issue with her. I didn’t even notice her looking at me because Dumb-Dumb was some ways ahead busy looking at me and I was wondering why. 

Fuckboi perspective

I was talking to this creep at work who is always spilling things he shouldn’t. I keep telling him that I’m not one of his bros to no avail. Dude is a dog. Anyway, according to him, Dumb-Dumb doesn’t want to just cut me off because guys are gutless. 

He forgot to add spineless, witless and trash. 


I work with a bunch of fucking crazy people. Oh and some men are disgusting people who need therapy. 

One day, I’m going to write a book series based on all of this, turn it into a hit TV series and hopefully have a nice, full bank account. 

What a mess. 


31 thoughts on “moving forward

  1. I HAVE NOT even started, but I’ve gotten myself comfortable and ready to laugh.

    I’ve seen the first line, so not the evilish kinda laugh, but from history, the way you write about everything makes it hard not to laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, well I’m glad it makes you laugh. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how I find myself in these situations. I need to start reading my Bible more seriously, lol. 😭


      1. Don’t tell me! It’s not the first time you’ve been in such a telenovela worthy situation??
        I’ll say you start your own series. Keep at it. I. E be consistent, and I’ll be your editor. And then we’ll make our millions 😉😉

        Oh, and you definitely should read your Bible more. You can actually never read the Bible enough anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Every week it’s some nonsense. I genuinely have material for my own soap opera. Like the old uncle that tried to get me to come to the cinema with him tomorrow. I was just looking at him like…’… It’s raining, sir, are you serious???’

        So, yes, I’m game, LOL!

        Very true!


      3. 😂😂😂 Lool

        Well start woman. And let’s do this.


  2. What the hell though? That’s plenty shades of messed up. The couple situation I mean

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At this point homeboy should propose a sister wives situation ’cause…Lol. Hot mess. I felt sorry for New Piece until I saw her talking to the hubby today. They’re all nutters. 😂


      1. …Wait. I wasn’t sure. They’re not together anymore are they?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They’re not. She’s (apparently) with Dumb-Dumb and he’s got a girlfriend. Plot twist – they have a child together, so…I bet you they will end up back together at some point. Good luck to all involved 😅


      3. Jezzuuzzz
        I actually couldn’t use “Jesus”! for that.

        I’m going to have to ask more questions 😯😯😯
        Then who’s the hubby we’re talking about??
        From what I got, hubby and new piece were together? And new piece and dumb dumb ARE together??
        And a child.
        A big sigh. That just makes everything super complicated.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Basically Hubby and New Piece were together for a while. Long enough to have a child. They broke up a few months ago. Hubby (who was trying to get with other people before the break up) started dating another girl. Somehow, Dumb-Dumb wormed his way in and is with New Piece (when I asked him he couldn’t give me an answer…).

        Hubby is a guy that used to work with Dumb-Dumb before he switched departments. So they know each other. At this point, they should just form a commune and all four of them can be together, LOL.


      5. Please tell me dumb dumb wasn’t with her when the whole “thing” with both of you started.

        Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sighhhhhh.

        Actually, you could suggest that to them. Who knows? They may be receptive to it

        Liked by 1 person

      6. No, he wasn’t because she was still with her husband. This has all happened within the last month or so. Last I knew, he was ‘lonely’ and needed a girl. However, I’m pretty sure that he liked her (he’s kind of a sleazeball, lol). He liked one other person and also the one he told me about. He’s just hopped along with the easier option basically, but he wants to be flirting with me at the same time. 😒

        Lmaooooo. If I feel like being annoying, I’ll say that to Dumb-Dumb. 😂😂 I think he’s desperate for attention.


      7. Wowzers…sleazy much

        Lol okay. Maybe not. He really can do good with some being ignored (Pardon my French)

        Liked by 1 person

      8. He’s a creep. Definitely going to keep on ignoring him.

        Lol, obviously I’m biased, but I feel like there’s something seriously wrong with him. I had a draft about the negative energy I felt from him this one time, but I never posted it… Maybe I should…He gives me anger issues/controlling vibes.

        The problem is that instead of addressing these issues, he’s busy chasing after this girl and the next.

        Typical fuckboi.


      9. Well then we’ll try not to stress about that then.

        The FBs though…don’t they like…find it hard to keep up with all the ladies? And it’s like their mental state is in dissary cause that kinda shit can fuck one up. Like one and the next, but then I guess the fact that there’s no emotional attachment makes it easy…I guess 😏

        Liked by 1 person

      10. I keep having dreams about him smh.

        I’ve been secretly analysing this fuckboi and no they don’t. They need the attention to fuel their ego. The thrill of a new girl keeps them going and they’re almost always charming enough to keep a few in rotation. All they think about is sex and having the upper hand. Yup, exactly. They are almost always emotionally unstable. They are truly terrible.


      11. Wait oh miiii Dreams? Oh boy are we stuck

        Lol look how far you’ve gone. We definitely have a bad one. Anyways, it does end, so the dreams and all of that will stop in time. We’ll just try to ignore him and not dwell too much on his fuckboish ways

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Lol, to be honest, I just think it’s because I was talking about him a lot yesterday. The dream was very specific to a conversation that I had with someone. I had a dream on Tuesday that I took as a warning – make sure I’m not alone with him ever. Some previous dreams have actually kind of come to light. It’s really weird. I don’t want to read too much into it because one of them led to this whole mess at work.

        I’ve deleted his number so all I have to do is stick to my guns lol


      13. Loool oh my the dreams in manifestation? Well if they happen to come to works then you know to avoid situations you’ve seen before hand. Maybe that’s your gift? Some people have that.

        Yup. Stick to your guns.
        We both know it isn’t that straight forward, but we’ll try of course 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      14. LOL. After the last dreams I had, I hope it isn’t my gift. Although, in a way, the one I had did sort of happen…ish.

        DD and I are talking again and he seemed pleased. Lol. Ignoring him was messing with my head. I’m honestly a bit creeped out by everything, lol.


      15. Last dreams…now I’m intrigued.

        ….moon face for ya Snarkie

        Looool well all better now then

        Liked by 1 person

      16. LOL. I am just going with the flow at this point. If talking to him briefly means that he stops invading my dreams, I can do it…

        …I just need to stop being all flirty and stop touching him…Lol.


      17. And I’m allowed to call him dumb dumb right? 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      18. Dumb-Dumb/Enemy/Yoruba Demon are all good with me lol. I don’t even call him by his name IRL. 😅😂😂


      19. I’ll stick with dumb dumb then, and puhleeze. Isn’t he Hausa? He’s not a Yoruba demon. Thank you very much.

        By the way, is he fine? And don’t answer me with your indifferent/hate gaze on him 😏

        Liked by 1 person

      20. He is Hausa, yes. They don’t need to be Yoruba to be Yoruba Demon, my dear. It’s just that Yoruba men set the standard 😭

        I don’t know. At this moment, he does nothing for me. He’s one of those guys that looks good when they make the effort (haircut, shaves, stays off pornhub and gets some sleep), but sometimes he can look a little rough. I would say he’s above average and on the verge of fine, but he will never quite reach that point. LOL.


      21. Oh yes please. Well when you put it that way…its hard to disagree. Yup. They did set the standard 😜

        Well…you definitely have quite the way to put it. On the verge of fine, but not. Okay Missy.

        Liked by 1 person

      22. LOL. The stories that people have to tell about Yoruba men (and Nigerian men in general) are usually not good. Smh.

        Lmao. I don’t know. It’s weird because there are people who look good all the time. They are fine. And then you have people who look good depending on how you feel about them…At least to me? Basically if Dumb-Dumb kept his hair short he would be closer to fine, but I guess his barber money goes elsewhere 😭


      23. Well…true. They have their own features that are less than appealing, but we wouldn’t go into that 😔

        Yeaahhh… True true I agree with ya. Who knows…maybe his Porn hub subscription 😉😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      24. LOL. We should go into it so we know when to run away. 😭

        Lmaooo, hopefully it’s going to his son…He can always use one of those free porn sites 😭😂😂😂


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