men are the worst


This doesn’t apply to any man who is not the worst, but I have no idea if they exist. Good men seem to be a rare species these days. That or I’m just a magnet for crazy people. Well. Anyway. 

I have some stories to fill you in on, but first, let’s see what Pinterest has to say.

Okay, this has nothing to do with my topic, but it made me giggle!

Nuff said. 

Just in case someone comes in here and doesn’t read my first line. 

See: narcissists, cheaters and ghosters. 

I have a post on this coming up, but men that do this are TRULY the worst. 

Shout out to Dumb-Dumb who has remained saltier than a bucket of fries all week. Longer post coming up. 

I need to print this one out. 

Seriously, I’m just a girl. Standing in front of whatever is in front of me. Waiting for Chris Hemsworth to realise that I’m his soulmate. I’m innocent! 


3 thoughts on “men are the worst

  1. Well …. I was chatting to Chris Hemsworth just the other evening (we have a bit of a chin wag every Thursday night when we take out the trash) and whilst we agreed that both of us, as males, have occasional moments of stupidity (normally lasting no more than 6 1/2 days in an average week) we were, in our hearts, well intentioned individuals but with very fragile egos.
    I was planning to show him your post (just to prove to him that you are interested) but …. gee …. I don’t know now. He might be a bit offended by some of your observations.

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    1. You can show him the post anyway. He will have to deal with my opinionated ways anyway. Plus, as my soulmate, he probably won’t mind and will agree with everything I say. That being said, I need to work on securing my back up Australian husband, Simon Baker. I have options. 😏


      1. It’s great that you are willing to compromise a bit …. that is a big plus from an Australian male perspective.

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