The Awkward Chronicles #14: the eight phases of crying

Alternative title: Once again, this is why I don't talk to people.  TL:DR - That Guy possibly has a girlfriend. People gossip too much. I cried because of period stuff. The end.  The funny thing about social anxiety is that even on the good days, you still have moments where you're like EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #14: the eight phases of crying


The Awkward Chronicles #13: of guilt and bus stations

I AM SO TIRED.  Just thought I'd let you know that. Okay so, before we start, I feel like I need to give these people names. Or remind you who I'm talking about.  The blogging may not always be constant, but the awkwardness is. Always.  AM = Awkward Manager, who is a an awkward manager … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #13: of guilt and bus stations

The Awkward Chronicles #11: one week later

To see the previous entries, click here. I still have anxiety.  The nasty kind where my throat constricts and I feel like I can't breathe. Oddly enough, I mostly feel it at night. I guess that's when I have the most time to think. For the most part, I'm over The Incident. To be really honest … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #11: one week later

the one where I cried

Does anyone remember that post where I said: I hate crying because it's so horrible and awful. Obviously, I was due my first cryfest of the year and it happened in public at my workplace because I'm me and my life is awesome. Basically Awkward Manager asked me to take something somewhere. Prior to that, someone else tried to do it … Continue reading the one where I cried

#jusjojan – 11/01 – humiliate

Today at work, I got on the lift/elevator and it was empty. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wiped off some of the shine of my make up and I looked at my phone a little. From inside you have no idea if someone else has pressed to go up, so it opened … Continue reading #jusjojan – 11/01 – humiliate

The Awkward Chronicles #10

We're back to Awkward Manager breaking personal boundaries. He was talking to someone else and let's say, pointing at my lanyard. Lanyards typically fall onto the chest area, right? The part with the ID card. Mine basically rests on the center of my cleavage area so when he moved on from pointing to tapping it … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #10