monday musings

By musings, I mean vent.  I have another post about Awkward Manager coming up but today he frustrated me beyond belief. First, he came over to me. No hello, just you're doing this and after a certain time, you're on your own. Fine. That's the usual rude way we start off the day.  Next he … Continue reading monday musings


arguing is noise

I got into an argument today. Or yesterday now. It happened online and is still ongoing because this person won't shut the fuuuuuck up. I've let them have the last word. For now anyway. I might wake up in a petty mood and decide that I'm ready to rumble.  (ETA: They came to their senses … Continue reading arguing is noise

Eff That Noise (1)

*strong language ahead* Welcome to Fuck That Noise, in which I am going to rant about everything annoying me in the hopes that I will get over it. I am in a horrible mood and when I'm in a bad mood two things happen - no appetite, no social inhibitions. Mostly because I'm so annoyed … Continue reading Eff That Noise (1)

sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind

I'm a nice person.  If I have something, I will share it with others.  That being said, there's always that one socially challenged (aka RUDE!) person that fucks everything up for everyone else. Case in point, I had mints and strawberry flavoured sweets. I offered up the mints because I only had a few strawberry … Continue reading sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind