word of the day

Apparently, it's in the Oxford Dictionary now. Imagine that. Apologies are annoying aren't they? We spend a lot of time thinking we need them and when (or if) they come, we're not satisfied. Or at least I'm not. They are unworthy, I tell you. Unworthy.  When I get married to Chris Hemsworth, or failing that, … Continue reading word of the day


monday musings

By musings, I mean vent.  I have another post about Awkward Manager coming up but today he frustrated me beyond belief. First, he came over to me. No hello, just you're doing this and after a certain time, you're on your own. Fine. That's the usual rude way we start off the day.  Next he … Continue reading monday musings


Can we talk about selfies and self-serving pictures? The problem isn't selfies themselves but rather the self in the selfies. Selfies are not a new phenomenon. We used film to take selfies, Polaroids, photobooths, digital cameras and so on, but the upside was that it was big enough pain that no one did it all … Continue reading SOS.