Eff That Noise (1)

*strong language ahead* Welcome to Fuck That Noise, in which I am going to rant about everything annoying me in the hopes that I will get over it. I am in a horrible mood and when I'm in a bad mood two things happen - no appetite, no social inhibitions. Mostly because I'm so annoyed … Continue reading Eff That Noise (1)


sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind

I'm a nice person.  If I have something, I will share it with others.  That being said, there's always that one socially challenged (aka RUDE!) person that fucks everything up for everyone else. Case in point, I had mints and strawberry flavoured sweets. I offered up the mints because I only had a few strawberry … Continue reading sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind

I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

Back to Bob Special Edition  and also: Stream of Consciousness Saturday using the prompt 'well' There are a few f-bombs in here. I'm working on my potty mouth, I promise.  For those of you those of you that don't know or are visiting for the first time, Bob is an idiot actor/model/narcissist that I follow … Continue reading I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

un-motivational quotes

Fun fact about me: I have a Pinterest board of motivational quotes.  I'd get low and start saving them because apparently they made me felt better.  They don't.  They really don't.  Most of them are fluffy nonsense that make sense in theory but not to much in reality.  For that reason, I've decided to take … Continue reading un-motivational quotes

bragging is so cool

I got a notification from Instagram so I clicked on it.  My Instagram feed went something like this: 1. LOOK AT MY NEW HOUSE!!! 2. LOOK AT MY PORCH/CATS 3. Random selfie 4. Random throwback 5. Bob and his stupid staged pictures.  6. Just as I said to myself: everyone on Instagram is annoying me … Continue reading bragging is so cool

It’s just my face

I get this a lot: You look angry What they really mean to say: SMILE! My response: IT'S. JUST. MY. FACE.  I am thinking of tattooing this onto my forehead. Thursday, I was drugged up on pain meds. So I could feel my face. Actually, I couldn't feel it. So I knew that I probably … Continue reading It’s just my face