Feb Letters

February Letter | #3: keep it to one side

Dear Pedestrians,

Please check to see if anyone is walking behind you before you inexplicably stop in the middle of the pathway. Don’t act all surprised when we almost collide – YOU CAUSED IT. And don’t accept MY apology either. I’m being polite, but you should really accept the you were at fault. Don’t just say that it’s alright when again, you foolishly stopped. It’s just rude. Continue reading “February Letter | #3: keep it to one side”

Feb Letters

February Letters | #2: Sometimes I Wish You Didn’t Exist

If anyone wants to join in I’m gonna be tagging these with #FebLetters17 from now on. So. Yeah.


An open letter to technology

Dear Technology,

Sometimes I wish you didn’t exist. I am with you for the better part of my day and somehow, I kind of hate you.

Well, not you you, but the effect that you have on people.  Continue reading “February Letters | #2: Sometimes I Wish You Didn’t Exist”