Time-Bomb Ticking Away [song of the week]

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all
A storm awaits behind the door
Disgruntled right down to the core
We still go on


Watching the time bomb ticking away
Watching the time bomb nobody cares ’till it’s too late
Watching the time bomb ticking away
Watching the time bomb you better pray you’re somewhere safe


Oh, we got a time bomb ticking away inside
And the only way to make us laugh is to make us cry

[Billy Talent, Time-Bomb Ticking Away]

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Random Thoughts #4

Upon reaching a point of delirium at work:

Medicate the treatment? That doesn’t even make sense! Okay, this lyric has got to be wrong! How does one medicate the treatment? The treatment should already be medicated. In fact, the treatment is doing the medicating!

I often sing the wrong song lyrics to myself, but most of time, they make sense!

Double checked and that is the right lyric? Say what now?! 

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What I’m Listening To This Week

There’s nothing better than hearing a song that you really like and then proceeding to listen to it obsessively for the next three days. Eventually, I get too lazy to keep disrupting shuffle but I’m always left with the memories.

This week, that song for me is ‘Afraid of Heights’ by Billy Talent. They are the Canadian Kings of using metaphors to write a rockin’ rock (and in this caseĀ love) song. I simply adore them. And if you don’t. I suggest that you [insert something that a Directioner would probably say] and change your mind INSTANTLY!

Just kidding. ;p